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Federica Pellegrini: ´It is wonderful to see so many people busy practicing sport´. IEG president Lorenzo Cagnoni announces the new Move! expo

.Rimini, 1st June 2017 . With the ´attack´ of thousands of people, the twelfth edition opened this morning of RiminiWellness, the first organized by Italian Exhibition Group, which until Sunday 4th June will animate Rimini expo centre and the Romagna riviera with positive energy.

The ceremony inauguration was opened by a spectacular Calisthenics demonstration by the Burningate Team, whereas at the ribbon-cutting ceremony participants included Emilia-Romagna Regional councillor for Tourism Andrea Corsini and Rimini´s mayor Andrea Gnassi. Along with them there were two Olympic swimmers of the calibre of Federica Pellegrini and Simone Sabbioni and the IEG management: President Lorenzo Cagnoni, Executive Vice President Matteo Marzotto and General Manager Corrado Facco.

Italian Exhibition Group´s president Lorenzo Cagnoni said, ´RiminiWellness is an expo that in twelve years has become the absolute leader in its field, and has done so by adopting historical reasons for the success of our tourism: organization, hospitality, movement and wellness. The facts and figures show the scale of our success: 270,000 attendees between trade members, buyers and buffs, 80 different countries represented and over 400 exhibitors. The best of a sector that produces a turnover of 2 billion euros, and is constantly growing.´
He then announced: ´This is the first edition under the IEG banner, the company formed by the merger between Rimini Fiera and Fiera di Vicenza: this union has given rise to a propulsive boost that will result in MOVE!, a new event, which will be held on October 28th and 29th in Vicenza, in another area . Veneto . which has always had a great vocation for wellness and physical activity.´ (See specific note attached).

´Energy and freedom´, continued the mayor of Rimini, Andrea Gnassi, ´are two fundamental key words, which Rimini, as a tourism capital, adopted and transformed into economic and employment opportunities. It´s necessary to bet, and Rimini knows how to do so. Ours is a city that is renewing itself, starting from the example of the ´Parco del Mare´ (Sea Park), which will be the Mediterranean´s largest open-air fitness centre. Precisely this is the real wellness, which also creates good social and human relations.´

Emilia-Romagna Regional councillor for Tourism Andrea Corsini reminded, ´During these twelve years, we have established Romagna as a wellness hub, and wellness is today´s real luxury. Wellness doesn´t only mean active vacations or large sports events, it´s also an ideal environment for passing one´s vacations: wellness also means Renaissance landscapes and views. This objective is shared by the entire Emilia-Romagna region and, in fact, it is no coincidence that we have a regional law than helps the promotion of the Wellness Valley.´

On the stage, fascinated by the crowd gathered round her, Federica Pellegrini commented: ´For somebody like me who has made sport his or her way of life, or rather his or her life, it is wonderful to see so many people taking part in an event dedicated to wellness and sports activities, and I hope they will be increasingly numerous: sport is good for the body and the mind.´

Lastly, Simone Sabbioni: ´After last year´s Italian record, I want to be confirmed again and selected for the world championships in Budapest, even if the winter wasn´t easy, due to some physical problems. I train on average 12 kilometres per day, all year round, of which at least four are back stroke, my speciality and probably one of the most tiring. But I´ve been regenerated here!´

So, a celebration of positive energy, with approximately 400 companies (exhibiting directly or represented), 500 presenters from all over the world, 45 stages always on the move and 350 sq.m. of pools. And lots and lots of new products: from the virtual trainer to the one interconnected with the world, from a pocket-size massage unit to the most exciting water disciplines.

And, once the expo centre´s lights go out, those of RiminiWellness Off come on, with meetings, open-air, parties on the beach and in the riviera´s venues.

Italian shows director: Patrizia Cecchi; group brand manager: Andrea Ramberti; brand manager: Maria Elena De Iaco; visitor info:; hashtag: #RW2017 #IEGEXPO #ACTIVESOUL; Facebook:; Twitter: @riminiwellness; Instagram: Rimini Wellness Official
head of national media & corporate communication: Elisabetta Vitali; head of international media & corporate communication: Patrizia Rovaris; Rimini offices: press office manager: Marco Forcellini; communication specialists: Alessandro Caprio, Nicoletta Evangelisti Mancini and Jacopo Frenquellucci.
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