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To meet all the nutritional needs that make up an effective supplement plan


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Who is ProAction

Since 1995, ProAction has been formulating and selling supplements in powder, liquid, tablet, gel and bar form, specifically designed to meet all the nutritional needs that make up an effective supplement plan.

The experience gained from working closely with professional athletes to best meet their needs and ensure championship performance has always ensured that we study the composition and format of products to meet the consumption needs expressed by the most demanding sportspeople.

Over the years, the studies carried out by ProAction’s R&D team have enabled us to expand the range of supplements, achieving a level of completeness that is unique in today’s market. In fact, we are able to satisfy all the athletes’ needs at the various stages of consumption.

Endurance line

A complete line of energy-saline supplements designed to restore the metabolic stocks before, during and after the performance.

Supplements for endurances sports

The sports world is composed of many disciplines that differ by type (individual or team sports), place (outdoor or indoor) and the equipment used but, above all, for the different levels of effort that are demanded from your body.

Practicing high-endurance sports requires a high expenditure of energy for the body, which uses oxygen, glycogen and fat to produce the energy needed by the muscles to cope with training and racing. During activity, the body loses a lot of fluids through sweating, which must be replenished to maintain optimum performance until the end of the exercise.

That is why effective training must be combined with specific dietary plans – they allow achieving balanced nutrition that will provide your body with what it needs to be in the best condition for performing the sport; it is therefore essential to also prepare a good supplement plan to provide the body with a ready energy supply and quickly rehydrate it.

Finally, at the end of the activity, your body needs mineral salts and sugar to recover what it has lost, and amino acids that will repair muscles damaged by exertion.

Fitness line

A specialized line of supplements, based on high quality ingredients and dedicated formulas, designed for indoor and outdoor activities, from fitness to body building.

Supplements for strength and power sports

Fitness, body building, combat sports, crossfit, toning and slimming practised primarily in the gym are activities which will help you stay fit and healthy but require significant effort for the body.

For these particular activities, a PRE  and POST WORKOUT approach is preferable, where the body is “fed” in order to achieve strength and power related goals.

Muscle mass, definition, toning and weight loss are just some of the preferred goals of the ProMuscle athlete, which is why, today, finding the perfect balance between training and dietary supplements ensures better results to continuously raise the bar.

Targeted training and effective workouts must be combined with specific dietary plans: this provides balanced nutrition that will give your body what it needs to be in the best condition to perform. It is therefore also essential to prepare a good supplement plan, to provide the body with a ready energy supply and recovery ability, as well as the elements it needs to help push towards our intended result.





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