FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
The board that creates the right balance between body and mind – by Johnny G

In-Trinity® by Matrix

Thursday to Sunday Hall B1
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Invented by Johnny G (the genius of fitness who invented the Spinning in 1987, one of most successful and popular disciplines by the beginning of the third millennium) and produced by Johnson Matrix – one of the most important leader of the sector in the world, as regards technology and design standards – the In-Trinity Board harnesses the power of gravity to create resistance and facilitate movement compared to the floor or the normal mat, providing access to entirely new movements and completely redefining the training environment.

A board invented for a wide range of users, from those who love Yoga and Pilates to those who want to deepen flexibility and to improve the balance and the resistance. The board can be also useful for people who are pursuing a rehabilitation program.


From the Energy OUT to the Energy IN

“The spinning meant: I sweat, I enjoy myself, I let off”. Basically, “I send out”. In this case, you “send in”.

 “IN TRINITY helps to improve a physiological balance – Johnny G affirms – I’ve learnt that where the mind goes, the body will follow”

As if to say: it’s time ENERGY IN


IN-TRINITY board has won at ISPO in Munich 2016– the award Product of the Year for the Health and Fitness.

Nominated by an international jury expert in the field, IN-TRINITY board has been rewarded for “the real genius beneath the surface. Access to space beneath the board allows you to train in tight spaces. It will increase the possibility of training regular exercises and identifying new ones. The innovative training system uses the power of gravity and body biomechanics to intensify the exercises and to increase the flexibility, the balance and the muscle development.”

Demonstrations In-Trinity® and free trials at the Matrix Fitness HALL B1 booth 040, open daily 1-4 June


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