FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
A conference outside the box in which Matrix wants to define what will be the future of our market

Target 2020

Thursday Hall Ravezzi 1
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“Three types of proposals, only one objective: being stronger and being present in the near future”

A conference outside the box in which Matrix wants to define what will be the future of our market with the help of each speaker and with the support of all participants.
What are the rules of engagement?
-    An introductory report about the state of art (true!) of Italian market
-    3 speakers, with different typology and different market, will bring their experiences.
-    Every speakers will answer to 10 questions
-    All the questions and proposals you want to make and that will make you truly the maker of the project 

Committed to Helping You Do More
A little fit goes a long way, when you manage to fit in your workout. At 24 Hour Fitness, we’re here to provide the motivation you need to kick off the covers and kick into gear. We put opportunities and tools at your fingertips – such as studio and cycle classes, on-demand workouts, 24Life magazine and signature training programs – to get you started on the right track and keep you moving forward.
Headquartered in San Ramon, Calif., we are a leading fitness industry pioneer with nearly four million members in more than 400 clubs across the U.S. For more than 30 years, we’ve held fast to our mission of helping people improve their lives through fitness. 

Frank Napolitano 24Hour President

Palestre Torino, a successful athletic and prestigious reality in the Turinese territory. The group, led by Luciano Gemello, trainer with experience and a certain notoriety at national and European level, after consolidating the historical location of Via Assarotti and Via Braccini (CUS TORINO), has started to develop a path of growth and expansion intended to build up a circuit of gyms on the Turinese and Italian territory; every club is characterized by a peculiar structural characteristic that makes it unique.
The basic objective is the diffusion of fitness and wellness, through the advice of qualified personnel and excellent services. Today the group PALESTRE TORINO deals with the promotion of sport addressed to young people with sporting and playful events, charity exhibitions, stage of various sports disciplines: water activities, musical activities and fitness master class.

Dott. Luciano Gemello, ISEF Degree in Torino (ITA); STAPS Sport Management Degree (Lione FRA); Physical Education Degree (Torino ITA); PhD in Bimolecular Sciences (Urbino ITA). An athletic trainer, a university teacher; he particularly loves to define himself like a Personal Trainer: in fact, he is appreciated as an important European exponent. Businessmen, celebrities and professional athletes of several sporting disciplines have been following - in the past as in the recent times - his particular and innovative training programs. 
Numerous publications, Gemello is the author of 3 books, dealing with both scientific and commercial research.

Nowadays, he is the founder and the unique administrator of the group PALESTRE TORINO, composed by 6 fitness centre in Turin; the director general of PHT, one of the most ancient Italian societies of Personal and Home Training; he is also the President of “Centro Ricerche Performance e Benessere". A relevant aspect about Gemello is his willing in communicating how much a healthy lifestyle could be determinant for a longer and happier life.    

Let’s start by saying what we are not. We are not a simple gym. And we are not a simple physiotherapy centre either. We are professional of the physical exercise. Our centre is one the fewer providing motor activity services adapted to Emilia Romagna region. To make goals like these, we have never just though up: since we were born in 2011, we have never stopped innovating, improving and progressing. 
To do this, we decided to bet on a very important element in every working environment: people. 
There are 15 professional of physical exercise in our big family, each of them with their own technical peculiarity, but everyone sharing a friendly and kind soul, so that those who choose us will be able to experience the physical activity as a pleasant everyday life. 
And as in all big families, we embrace who wants to be part of it: women and men of different ages, skilled and less, strong and weak. We do not set limits and we don’t have barriers neither physical or conceptual; everybody is welcome in our centre. In particular, we create specific process for the most common chronic disease in order to help people who trust us to recover their physical abilities in the best way possible.
We do all this within our large and safe areas, furnished with the best equipment and the best technologies in order to provide an efficient service, good for every physical condition. 
Our centres are issued by Emilia Romagna region as “Safe gym” (executive note n. 7075 25th May 2012) and therefore to train within medical measures of Regional Health Service. All the personnel are enabled to intervene through the defibrillator. (BLS-D) ( We are also issued as territorial reference centre for the project "Trapianto...e adesso sport" with the cooperation of the National Transplant Centre, ISS, Isokinetic Study Centre, University of Boulogne, Cimurri company and Sport and patients Associations. We are researching with the cooperation of Ferrara University and S. Giorgio rehab hospital, in addition to being issued by UNICEF to embrace interns from Physical Education Degree Course. In November 2013, The Chamber of Commerce of Ferrara rewarded us as “Special Recognition Young Company”. 

Manager & R&D
PhD in Bimolecular Sciences
Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted  Motor Activity
Contact person for Health in Adapted Physical Exercise project “Palestra sicura” S.S.R.E.R
Personal Trainer, Advanced Health and Exercise Specialist EQF level 6

Company President and R&D
PhD in Biomedical Sciences 
Master’s Degree in Physical Education and Techniques of Preventive

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