FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
The functional and military training branding Csen

Csen Functional

Thursday to Sunday Hall B5
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This year, Csen Fitness Events brings to its stage at Rimini Wellness three functional training programs: the historical one, with its circuits and its new group kettlebell lessons, and two brand new formats of functional military training landscape.

- ITALIAN MILITARY DYNAMIC GYMNASTICS: it’s wrote GDMI but it reads Military Dynamic Gymnastics. The idea is "made in Brescia" and the signature is by Matteo Sainaghi and Mara Uggeri, the founders of a free body discipline that is becoming a trend throughout Italy.

The gymnastics proposed is the one of the origins, wich one that we "taught to whole world". Why military? First of all because of stricness, a key ingredient for this sport. "The term Military does not indicate any political or military connotation, but the fact that during training athlets answer to exercises by command," explains Sainaghi.

The second reference is to the context: forget the classical gym, equipped with latest fashion accessories. Sport returns to practice in the simple palaces and, whenever possible, in the open air: all you need is a mat, sportswear, water and desire to practice pure sport, with a minimum of extravagance and using what you find around you at that moment.

No tools and no weights, in short. Key words are discipline and sweat. "And sociality. - adds Matteo Sainaghi - GDMI is a kind of community, you find yourself going to run together, or to participate in various competitions. Because play sports is also this: create socialities and new opportunities. "

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the Csen Fitness Events Stage for the Italian Dynamic Military Gymnastics the founder Matteo Sainaghi and his Italian team.

For any further information about MFG visit the website or Facebook page:

- MILITARY FITNESS GROUP: Mfg was Born in 2009 with the purpose to create some training protocols "military fitness style", adapted to the functional free body fitness and with equipment, like kettlebell, bag, rope, medball, suspension and Cross training, in order to design an endless variety of workouts, that move away from the routine as much as possible.

In every workout to each athlet will be given different training task (that is what we define team's Mission) in according to a structured training planning, in order to increase physical performance and adjustment to unexpected events.

The group's dynamics give to MFG Program an exsclusive and indisputable identity.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for MFG the Master Trainer and founder Vincenzo Ilardo, together with the Trainers Cristian Tomaselli, Alessio Di Donato and Lina Iovino.

For any further information about MFG visit the website or Facebook page:

- Z-LIVE Functional Program: Variant of the discipline most popular of the moment, Z-Live is a functional training program that proposes always new training circuits using kettlebells, functional bag, ball, suspension ropes and many others tools. Ever seen on the Csen Fitness Events and Rimini Wellness Stage, this year Z-Live Functional Program will bring on stage the new Kettlebell group lesson. With this format the instructor can expand their knowledge and improve the quality of their lessons, proposing a fun, effective and always dynamic workout. At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Stage for Z-LIVE Functional Program the CSEN National Master Trainer Lucia Corti, together with the Instructor Valeria Caravà.

For any further information about Z-Live Functional Program visit the website or Facebook page:


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