28 - 31 MAY 2020
A short slow run on the eve of the day

Beach Breakfast Run

This year, Rimini beach is going to play a major role during the Wellness week with a brand new event, organized and coordinated by Piacere Spiaggia Rimini: the Beach Breakfast Run will be a short slow run of approximately 3 km along the seashore – from beach 50 to beach 120.

What will make the Beach Breakfast Run a unique experience is the fascinating background of the seaside on the eve of the day: participants will meet up at 5 am and enjoy an acoustic concert performed by local musicians, creating a relaxing and soft ambience with jazz music tracks. At 6 am, after the sunrise, the one-way run will start. The competition is made of a linear path and it is open to professional and unprofessional athletes who share a passion and a strong interest for wellness activities.

At the end of the race, the Wellness Village will welcome the runners, who will then share a healthy and light breakfast altogether, laying on sun beds or strolling around, enjoying the seashore. In the meantime, for those who want to relax and cool down, there will be trainers who will lead short sessions of yoga and functional training. Subscriptions are open to everybody; athletes can also submit their application at the check-in point (beach 50) the day of the event or via Piacere Spiaggia Rimini website. (https://www.piacerespiaggiarimini.net/beach-breakfast-run/ )

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