28 - 31 MAY 2020
Defense, fitness and music


Thursday to Sunday
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Who is Kravfit for? Is it suitable for everyone or are there limitations?
Kravfit® stems from the need to bring self-defense to a wider female audience, in a more attractive and engaging way. Defense, fitness and music come together to give life to this innovative discipline and the peculiarity is that there are no limitations because it is simple to follow and is suitable for everyone.

How long is a lesson of this discipline? How many times a week is it necessary to practice it to get visible results?
The lessons are structured to last a maximum of 45 minutes, where continuous and intense movements are performed, fluid but explosive in time of a music that loads and motivates, creating positive and regenerating reactions to make us forget the physical effort.

To stimulate the development of the muscles in a harmonious way and have a positive influence on the correct body statics, we recommend a frequency of at least twice a week.

What are the benefits? Besides having physical results, are there also psychological results?
The most obvious benefits are: an increase in strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as greater functionality of the cardio-circulatory system and a significant increase in perceptive capacity and reaction, balance, agility and coordination.

Kravfit® also trains instinctive responses and reflexes that allow the development of self-esteem and greater self-confidence that reflects positively on the activities of daily life.

With Kravfit, do you also learn useful moves for self-defense?
In Kravfit® the best Krav Maga techniques of attack and defense, a Israeli combat system and self-defense, are transformed into steps by the creator Iriada Gjondedaj, using all the movement plans for a total body training.
The aim is to build the right automatisms useful for self-defense through repetitions of various wisely studied sequences, which lead to this result without having a full awareness and giving wide space to fun.