28 - 31 MAY 2020
A fun sports activity

Mobup® Fitness

Thursday to Sunday Hall A5
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MOBUP® FITNESS is a fun sports activity that serves to tone and shape the body, to let off steam and really burn a lot of calories!
It perfectly combines the desire to have fun with physical exercise and aerobic training is the protagonist; all this accompanied by the best musical hits of the moment, which can range from disco dance, reggaetton, hip-hop, Latin and commercial music.

MOBUP® Fitness is a mix of fitness and aerobic gymnastics, all this in the form of fun, screaming and shaking off the daily stress.

The MOBUP® program consists of 60 minutes of lessons divided into 3 phases.

First phase:
With WARMUP we go gradually to warm up and activate the body's muscles and the energy system. With the Warmup we prepare the body physically and mentally reducing the risk of injuries.

Second phase:
In the second phase we increase the intensity of moderate to vigorous training. We are going to strengthen the musculature of the body, through targeted exercises without the use of tools, but with a free body. In this high intensity phase, we will stimulate the cardiac response and therefore promote the fat-burning effect.

Third phase:
In the third phase we will keep constant the intensity of the training aiming to tone and shape, with targeted exercises, the abdominal part, that of the buttocks, legs and arms. We then proceed to the final stretching and stretching.

MOBUP® Fitness is the brainchild of Cinzia Piscopo.

Come and discover it at Hall A5!