28 - 31 MAY 2020
The real trampoline workout


Thursday to Sunday
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What if you haven’t found the right workout for you? What if you need something new for your fitness centre?

Well, Powerbound is the answer. Our workout program has been specifically designed to be performed on a small trampoline, tecnically called rebounder, the target of which is team work and a highly intensive training

Since 2011, passion and energy have been the engine of our constantly developping research, pushing us towards what has become our workout program. We defined objectives, methods and features establishing the Powerbound ™ trade mark.

How is a Powerbound class delivered? In what way this workout training is different from all the others?

When we talk about a Powerbound workout, we’re not talking about jumps, but a number of exercises on the trampoline, focused on pushing it down. We pay great attention to the correct execution of the exercises and well done motions, that’s the only possible way to success. Learn with us the right techniques and body will smile at you.

After a day of work, all you want is relieving some stress, but also training your body, for ti reason we don’t offer difficult choreographis but a workout that is:

Safe: there’s no way you can fall off the rebounder because you don’t jump high and all exercises have low stress on joints;

Simple: exercises are feasible for all;

Self-Tailored: everyone can adjust the intensity of the workout depending on its conditioning;

Effective: builds up cells and lymphs systems, improves balance and burns calories. Our discipline continously receives positive feedbacks;

Fun: the bounce is enjoyable and relieves stress.

You don’t believe it? Come and take a look!

Every workout requires a specific gear, that’s why we’ve designed a professional Powerbound trampoline. The dimensions and elasticity of our unique rebounder version have been designed to suit the Powerbound workout  and the techniques you will learn.

Other kinds of trampolines have a softer bounce and are mostly used to relax and for more playful aspects of the workout; but if you want to achieve effective results on your body, choose the professional Powerbound trampoline: without dipping too much your feet, you’ll make use of the correct amount of intensity to tone glutes, abs and calfs

We’ve opened hundreds of centres in Italy, so if you’re interested and you deal with fitness and wish to learn our methodologies, we offer two different courses: on site and online

During the 8 hours on site course, our main goal is to provide you with the necessary tools in order for you to understand the potentiality and features of the Powerbound workout.

We will start describing the study and the scientific research underneath this innovative methodology, also describing in detail the features of the gears.

We will focus on the basic movements and postures of Powerbound, specific exercises for different sport activities, to improve and train balance, coordination and strenght skills. All on a rebounder.

We will also help you establishing the basis for your own lesson, also proving you good tips for new exercises.

A full immersion in our world that will also include the chance to have access to the online session, that will provide learning material to revise in case of need.

You will also have the chance to buy, with a special discount, your rebounder, in order to start your workout as soon as possible and become an expert yourself!

Don’t worry, we also have a solution for those, for different reasons, cannot take part at the on site courses, as a matter of fact, you’ll have the chance to choose the online sessions, that are equally effective.

That’s not all, during the Riminiwellness 2019 we will show our new Powerbound technical clothing line. You will be among the first ones to have the chance to see it. Our clothing line offers high quality clothes, specifically designed in order to provide durability, traspiration, wearability and comfort, also improving efficiency. Now you’re good to go, are you ready to jump?

Passion, discipline and fun, Powerbound is the real trampoline workout!