28 - 31 MAY 2020
Train with the leader of Functional Training!

TRX Studio Line Planet Fitness Group

Thursday to Sunday Hall A2
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This year TRX will be the great protagonist within the functional area TRX Studio Line Planet Fitness Group. Invented by the American special forces of the "Navy Seal" Marines, TRX allows all the muscles of the body to work thanks to a suspension training system.

Each TRX course presented at Rimini Wellness will include 15 minutes of massage using the TRIGGER POINT method, to relieve muscle knots, release tension in the muscles and increase blood flow.

Not only TRX, we will also present you some lessons of ANIMAL FLOW, a mix of movements from various disciplines, combined with the movement performed on the ground, without tools.

Our courses:


TRX training with cardiovascular objective, the control and the high quality of the characteristic movements of the Functional Training TRX, the unique combination between TRX and free body exercises, build an incredibly engaging and enjoyable high intensity cardiovascular training experience!

TRX Strong

TRX training with muscle goals, control and high quality of the characteristic movements of Functional Training TRX, the exclusive use of the TRX for an engaging and enjoyable muscle training experience that produces results similar to those obtained in a weight room!


The TRX brand multimodal functional training! Quality and control of movements as the basis for the use of various modes such as TRX®, RIP, Havy Rope, Sand Bag, Medicine Ball, Barbell, Kettlebell, etc. in order to get engaging and fun training experiences aimed at achieving any goal!

Suspension Yoga

The TRX for Yoga combines the asana of the centuries-old holistic activity with the original TRX Suspension Trainer, creating a succession of Exercise Flow that improve strength, elasticity, mobility and, through the atmosphere created in the Workout, also a general psychophysical relaxation

Suspension Pilates

The TRX Pilates adds to the peculiarities of the centennial postural activity conceived by Joseph Hubertus Pilates some suspension with an increase in muscle tension and stretching; creating a synergy on the control, on the breathing, on the core, on the fluidity, on the precision and on the muscular isolation! A controlled explosion of all the body's equipment perfectly controlled by our brain!


TRX training experience and training start here! Thanks to the correct use of the TRX and validated coaching techniques, it represents the cornerstone, the basis for the appropriate application of Functional Training TRX. With this training experience, everyone will be able to move better, getting involved and having fun to achieve any goal!


Training dedicated to the development of Performance, the result of years of positive experience in the athletic training of the US armed forces, achieved thanks to the correct use of the TRX® and the right interpretation of the principles of Functional Training.

Animal Flow

Discipline derived from a mix of elements from various disciplines, combined with the movement performed on the ground, in quadrupedia, using only the weight of one's body as a training tool. Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Resistance. Anywhere, however, without tools.

Streching Trigger Point

At the end of each training session, myofascial release techniques will be used, which include the appropriate and functional use of the Foam Roller Trigger Point Therapy. Properly applied stretching and self-massage will amplify the benefits obtainable from a classic cool-down, optimizing the results obtained from training.

The courses will be held from 10.00 to 18.30 from Thursday to Sunday (reduced time).

Watch the schedule and book: https://www.trxtraining.it/rimini-wellness-2019-programma/

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