28 - 31 MAY 2020

Restistance Training - Massaroni School

Sunday Sala Diotallevi 1
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Sports Training and Research Group 2019

(Prof. Filippo Massaroni - Dott. Enzo Marra - Prof. Carlo Altamura - Prof. Giovanni Postiglione - Ing. Gabriele Tedesco – Graduates and majoring in Sports Science and Physical Education)

Training workshop

RESISTANCE TRAINING (RT), new methodological horizons


The “Gruppo di Formazione e Ricerca Sportiva 2019” (Sports Training and Research Group 2019"), will run - on Sunday the 2nd of June 2019, from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm, in Sala Diotallevi 1 (Sud Hall, first floor) - the training workshop "RESISTANCE TRAINING - Evaluation of users' prerequisites for innovative training methodologies, with specific reference to age, postural issues, didactics and promotion of an important examination about motor neuron studies and a comparison between Electromyography and IR Thermography ".


The objective is to build - with up-to-date transdisciplinary training courses – the figures of Coaches, Instructors and Personal Trainers as excellent professionals of the movement, able to guide, motivate and inspire, between science and fun, the development of the potential of the user, from prevention, to dynamic health, from recreational, motor and sports performances to educational and ethical aspects and to any competitive or amateur professional choices.

The professional excellence of Coaches, Instructors and Personal Trainers - focused on planning skills of personalized and group training - is achieved when the user is the protagonist of his/her own learning (self-learning), formal and informal, in the logic of Lifelong Learning (at all times), Lifewide Learning (everywhere) and Lifedeep Learning (deep and based on the values of the person). For this purpose, today we also have social media as a possible didactic integration with the following advantages: very few investments; educational relationship also “from many to many” (exceeding the restricted “from one to many”); more personalization; freer communication styles between formal and informal, face to face or not; more opportunities to learn how to learn; discussion and debate about Training Plans in real time.


The teaching methodology of the workshop is oriented to the maximum involvement of the participants, who – with a form that can be filled with data and analysis of a user’s hypothesized initial situation (the set of prerequisites) - can discuss with the speakers the possible training plan and structure, with technical and scientific innovations.

The comparison between the investigation techniques on motoneurons of Electromyography and Thermography is of great and current interest. The results of many years of experience about the first investigation technique (Fig. 1) will be presented, about the second (Fig. 2), in addition to the results of some previous experiments, surveys will be submitted to participants: the results will be screened and discussed in relation to hypothetical training design applications.

PARTECIPATION AND learning material

  • Free participation with reception according to booking order;
  • Delivery of filing card and Certificate of participation;
  • CFU credits to students of affiliated universities;
  • Participation with educational value for Coaches, Instructors and Personal Trainers, through the exhibition of 2019 membership cards of Sports Promotion Bodies recognized by CONI. 

Info and bookings: Cell. +39 348 4116062 -  carloaltamura@hotmail.com

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