28 - 31 MAY 2020


Thursday to Sunday
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Again this year TECA will be playing a leading role at RiminiWellness, hall B1, stand 0-32.

Come and discover in absolute preview the extraordinary news that we have reserved for you.
SMART GYM: a revoluKon in the fitness industryHow much does it cost today to open a complete gym  able to saKsfy any need of the user? It is the quesKon, undoubtedly legiKmate, that grips every entrepreneur in the fitness sector. In TECA we have idenKfied the most complete, most effecKve and most economical soluKon for the investor: the Smart Gym.

Transform the way to do fitness with Smart Gym, an intelligent business soluKon in every single aspect.
Reduced space, low economic investment, fast and guaranteed economic return, ultra-compact training systems are just some of the strengths of the revoluKonary TECA proposal.

We are waiKng for you at our stand to discover the gym of the future in a world preview.
SWITCHING: concrete results and unparalleled benefits for both entrepreneur and the user.
DifferenKate yourself from the compeKKon and revitalize your club with the innovaKve funcKonal circuit in the standing posiKon developed by TECA. Only with Switching you will be able to create exclusive group lessons on the gym floor to increase the flow of customers, reduce management costs and increase loyalty.

Switching is also the complete answer to the needs of the public that today at the gym requires short,
engaging and above all effecKve training. Use the potenKal of Switching to personalize your members
training, whatever the fitness goals, with the guarantee of excepKonal results in just 30 minutes.