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2 - 5 June 2022
3° Summit Antiaging Longevity & Lifestyle

3° Summit Antiaging Longevity & Lifestyle

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Fiteducation Presents at Rimini Wellness 2022







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Fiteducation is pleased to present the Centro Studi P.A.F the 3rd Italian Summit on Antiaging LONGEVITY & LIFESTYLE. Being fit is not enough just change lifestyle, we will see how to approach this new concept where the topics held by doctors of the highest caliber, will be addressed topics such as, Nutrition, Training, Biochemistry in a perspective related to neuroscience.

The idea comes from the recent collaboration between Fiteducation and the Centro Studi P.A.F. Rimini Wellness will host  


How to enhance HEALTH and LIVE LONGER

We believe that it is necessary to give academic dignity to lifestyle medicine and allow it to enter the homes and hearts of families through the adoption of a healthy diet, the practice of regular physical activity, the promotion of a culture of spirituality and respect for the environment and nature that surrounds us.

From these brief and simple considerations comes the idea of creating an educational and informative event, scientific and popular, which is able to propose real and sustainable solutions to the demand for well-being starting from animal and human models of successful aging.


we have witnessed a change in the use of equipment and methodologies to train clients.

The classic "machines" based only on pushing or pulling are associated with tools or areas dedicated to ANTI AGING FITNESS.

This new methodology has the task of making people more capable and efficient so that they can live better by carrying out the normal activities of daily life with dexterity and less fatigue here is one of the objectives of FITNES ANTI AGING.

The ANTI AGING FITNESS for LONGEVITY gives a lot of emphasis to the BALANCE TRAINING.

From the simple free body to small tools are determined conscious and proprioceptive exercises such as to stimulate the subcortical areas (hippocampus) and cerebellum.

Recent research has shown that these stimulations associated with a healthy lifestyle slow down the "cognitive decline" preventing a variety of neurological diseases and dysmetabolic.

ANTI AGING FITNESS represents a new way of understanding physical exercise, no longer aimed at performance, but at conscious physical and mental experiences in full respect of individual psychomotor abilities, avoiding trauma, overtraining and promoting overall health.

It if practiced REGULARLY makes you become more :






-With a good muscle mass

ANTI AGING FITNESS must be a motor experience able to stimulate the person to acquire a body and motor scheme more and more ready and effective.

This approach must be "global" and not analytical.

It must be useful to develop FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH in order to create body strengthening.

These training sessions must improve coordination skills while respecting the integrity of the person and prevent injuries.

In fact, the ANTI AGING FITNESS is a perfect mix between the knowledge of the old training models and the application of the latest knowledge and methodologies of the science of training.

The functional strengthening, the kinaesthetic and coordinative control put the emphasis on the key activity of the abdominal belt, the "CORE".

Core is understood as the center of transfer of thrusts and spurts, as a point of compaction of the motor system and improvement of muscle synergies.

Its efficiency prevents injuries and improves athletic performance.

ANTI AGING FITNESS respects the typical characteristics of the kinetic and kinematic functionality of the human body.

Much emphasis has been given to the concept of "stability" in this methodology, creating definitions such as: "ANTI AGING FITNESS, maximum expression of the control of the body in space with recourse to high stabilizing and adaptive capacities to stresses imposed by the exercise context".

It could be defined as a training methodology that is based on the continuous search for balance using the proprioception derived from the deep muscles and joints.

Improving these muscles generates functional improvement of large muscle groups, improved performance and aesthetics.

Training on unstable equipment such as balls, physiobalance, proprioceptive boards etc.etc.. creates new and extensive stress, greater physiological commitment with more evident and lasting results.


are influenced by the BODY.

In our case by the physical exercise.

Working out well induces mental and physical well-being and longevity.

The power of the MIND - in the body

When you train think that it is a psycho-physical experience and not only biomechanical.

If you change the way you look at your movements your body will change positively influencing your mind generating joy, happiness and self-esteem.

That's why overtraining and body traumas negatively affect the mind, generating a subtle state of depression that many times is cured by food, especially sugars, or by an abnormal and senseless anorexia.

Work well in a holistic way, become aware of what you do, spend time in a global way, live exercise as an expression of a deep language to care for the body, avoid oxidative stress and trauma.

Immediately you will benefit from a state of mindfulness that alone prevents disease and implements the immune system.

During the 3rd SUMMIT

8 specialists in this field will clarify these concepts and update us on the latest discoveries in a perspective oriented to :


POSITIVE BIOLOGY ( PNEI PsychoNeuroEndocrine Immunology )




Among the speakers:

- Dr. Sayonara Motta, Doctor of Physical Sciences and Yoga Therapist 300RTY  

- Dr. Alfredo Petrosino, Doctor of Motor Sciences and Physiotherapy

- Dr. Luca Catalano Laura in Political Science. Master NLP, Trainer Sport Coaching

- Dr. Margherita Petio- Biologist

- Dr. Marco Lombardo- Biochemist

- Gianni Pisano- Sri Sri Yoga Y.A.N.I.

- Alex Guglielmetti - Massophysiotherapist / Osteopath and Kinesiologist

- Prof. Eugenio Luigi Iorio - Surgeon, PhD in Biochemical Sciences, specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry, he is president of the International Observatory of Oxidative Stress and of the Popular University Lifestyle Medicine.


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