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28 - 31 AUGUST 2020
The Suspension Training by Fiteducation

AntiGravity® Fitness in Italy

Friday to Sunday
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AntiGravity® Fitness in Italy. Defined like the yoga of the present and the future, also this year AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga is confirmed between the cult programs of Fiteducation, or better its flagship thanks to the singular collaboration with ANTIGRAVITY®, directly from New York. Protagonists are the traditional programs AG RESTORATIVE YOGA, AG PILATES, AG AIRBARRE, AG AERIAL YOGA and AG SUSPENSION FITNESS and AG 1on1, a format dedicated to physiotherapists and personal trainers.

Iniseme we will try the magic of COCOONING a whole class of only cocoon to relax and meditate.

In this area, we will discover the world upside down, thanks to the soft AntiGravity® Fitness hammocks, trapezes of enveloping fabric created specifically by Christopher Harrison, founder and artistic director of the AntiGravity® aerial evolution company.

These soft fabrics allow to perform dynamic sequences suspended, defying the force of gravity, in total safety, experiencing the movement to 360°, without weight and articular compression. The benefits of the programs of AntiGravity® Fitness are multiple between which the disc decompression, the reactivation of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, the stimulation of the collagen of the skin, with an effect anti aging. This is the space dedicated to who wants to understand and to exceed the own limits, to who adores to move in freedom without ties, using the body in multidimensional way and developing the awareness of itself.


Discover the fascinating power of flight and body inversion that decompresses the spine and joints. AG FUNdamentals classes allow you to experience the pure joy of moving freely in all directions of space in a dimension you have never experienced before.

Basic inversion is alternated with sequences of spinal mobility in flexion and extension.

This course integrates the true essence of traditional yoga by uniting body, mind and spirit with suspension work. It represents the evolution of yoga in space in a three-dimensional approach. Each asana, vinyasa, wrap, hold, and entrapment performed on Christopher Harrison's tissues will have clear, linear progressions in complete safety. Create space in your body to create space in your mind!

AG Suspension Fitness

Once you have "tasted" the movements of AG you will discover new progressions that defy the laws of physics such as flips, spins, swings that will lead you to experience the most acrobatic part of AntiGravity Fitness®. A truly stimulating course that makes the highest level of suspension fitness its own: develop strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility, in a fun way. Challenge yourself and pursue your excellence!  

AG Restorative Yoga

AntiGravity® Restorative Yoga is the gentle and therapeutic, yet still profound, approach to aerial yoga. Its purpose is to help restore balance and well-being by overcoming physical problems, especially those associated with posture. It combines ancient healing methods such as meditation, breathing and inner awareness with the revolutionary benefits of using the special AntiGravity® hammock.

AG Pilates

Antigravity Pilates is the new suspension fitness program created by Christopher Harrison. This course represents the perfect union between harmony, fluidity and precision of the famous technique of Joseph Pliates and the innovative method of Christopher Harrison.

AG Airbarre 

It transfers the exercises of the bar in the hammock dance alternating phases of muscular conditioning to figures inspired by the ballet: this allows you to improve power, strength, elongation and realign the spine, without forgetting lightness and grace. A course suitable for both dancers and newcomers to dance.

AG 1on1®

Is a program developed to provide technical and educational aids to personal trainers, who want to improve their technical background of exercises, using the hammock. This allows you to improve power, strength, stretching and realign the spine, not to mention disc decompression and stress reduction.


A class aimed at deep relaxation combining Yoga Nidra and mediation techniques to regenerate and lower stress levels. It combines the methods of meditation, breathing and inner awareness with the revolutionary benefits of using the special AntiGravity® hammock.




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