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With disciplines that use the science of biomechanics, using innovative postural techniques

Fiteducation Holistic Inner Zone

Thursday to Sunday Hall D3
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Fiteducation Holistic Inner Zone The space dedicated to training aimed at getting to know your body better thanks to complete programs of exercises that combine harmony, flexibility, balance, relaxation, introspection. Disciplines will be proposed that exploit the science of biomechanics together with excellent techniques such as Pilates, Yoga, postural gymnastics and flexibility protocols.       

We then confirm the presentation of brand new instruments suitable for individuals, small groups or fitness classes. Blackroll® is a myofascial working protocol and an ideal tool for the regeneration and self-massage of the muscular fascias (connective tissue of muscles and muscle groups), the prevention of muscular pains and the recovery of increased sports performance.

It is a protocol that is suitable for everyone, such as heating or cool down or as a real resource for entire training sessions aimed at improving flexibility in a functional way, stimulating blood circulation and neuromuscular connection. In addition, DevaYogaynmd School Yoga programs will be presented with Mala Flow Yoga and IPATH® created by the award-winning American Yoga Teacher of Whashigton DC, Denese Cavanaugh who will be attending the ministry of her highly sought-after master classes. Furthermore FLOWFUSION HIIT art of MOVEMENT offers movement, synergy and integration, with protocols aimed at developing functional mobility. For Acrobatics in pairs new formats of ACROVIBES, and the highly appreciated Kogy and Barre Pilates Training.

For the first time in Italy the presentation of the famous Russian trainer Valentin Anneko who will present his very personal PILATES PROgressive ©, PORT DE BRAS. CLUB SYSTEM and BODY & MIND FUNCTIONAL PRACTICE. Valentin Anneko is known for developing a didactic approach with a holistic approach that also involves the male audience through a targeted training program. 

In addition, the famous program The WillPOWER METHOD®, a method created by the American note Stacey Lei Krauss, a Foot Fitness specialist for more than a decade, Lead Fitness is best known for its award-winning barefoot fitness program. The WillPOWER METHOD®, is a totally body-free total-body workout that combines the flexibility and control typical of Yoga and Pilates with strength and muscular conditioning exercises from athletics, calisthenics and dance: it trains the body, focuses the mind elevates the spirit. It is a fitness Superfood: a small amount taken regularly can really make a difference and improve the daily life of the person.

In preview for the first time at Rimini Wellness in the postural work, we will have as a guest the Spanish technique created by Dr. Pitti Low Pressure Fitness. It is a global avant-garde training technique based on hypopressive techniques, myofascial stretching, postural and respiratory re-education, and neurodynamics together with the most advanced didactic methodology of neuroeducation. The technique will be presented by its creator and the American Master Mimi Adami.


Blackroll® is the ideal tool for rigeneration and automassage of muscular meat (connective tissue of muscles and group of muscles), the prevention of muscular pains and the rehabilitation of sport performances. It is for everybodt, as a warm-up or as a stretching excersise or as something for training in order to help flexibility, stimulating blood pressure and neuromuscolar connection. The base principle is that body does not know muscles but movement.


  • Recommended for intense physical activity, deep-tissue release, proprioceptive activity and relaxing stretching.


FlowFusion Movement

Fluidity and harmony: these are the key words that summarize this program. The focus is on functionality, trough a work on mobility in an harmonious, circular and integrated way! The program combines the technique of education to the movement, the dinamic stretch and the functional training with the aim to improve and maintain the coordinative qualities, blending different techniques of Pilates, dance, Yoga and Thaichi.

DEVA Yogamynd –Mala Flow

Unique method inspired by traditional Vinyasa yoga. His aim is to give harmony to our body. Mala Flow an original program that combines basic techniques of yoga with some simple asana following the mala rhythm. The result is a series of asanas that give wellness to the body, improving muscles, balance, coordination and limberness to the movements. The branded Deva Yogamynd is gonna carry you into the amazing world of Yoga with simple and clear exercises. It contains standing and floor exercises with tho articulated variations that are gonna let you appreciate even more the benefits of yoga.


Acrovibes is an unconventional training program was created by combining acrobatic gymnastics and calisthenics, melted and held together by global and functional training elements. Acrovibes stems from creating a real training program that takes advantage of the union of these two disciplines, one preparatory, creating an effective and workout combination and helping you get to know your body thoroughly and learn to control it better with flyer and support partner.


The KOGY methodology is created by osteopathic principles combined with ancient vacuum movement techniques used by Samurai for longevity and well-being, the prevention of injuries in training or in battle and meditation in motion. These ancient empty movements with the use of Kogybar, reaping huge benefits in terms of posture, proprioception and joint mobility and thus prevent accidents during the practice of sports.


Dancing, today is not only for professional dancers! The BBT Ballet Training is a training inspired by the dance bar, coming directly from New York, it unites technique and performance. In reality, it fits also for people who have never practiced dance, translating into fitness the muscular conditioning of dance, with some simple and stimulating evolutions. A real guarantee to have a tonic body and elastic, as a dancer!


This the Holistic Inner Zone will officially launch THE WILLPOWER METHOD®, created by the well known american Stacey Lei Krauss, specialist of Foot Fitness, Lead Fitness and better known for her award winning program of barefooted fitness. THE WILLPOWER METHOD® is a total-body training, completely floor excercise that combines flexibility and control, typical of Yoga and Pilates with excercises of strength and muscular conditioning coming from athletics, calistenic and dance. It trains your body, focus your mind, elevates the spirit. It is a fitness Superfood: a small quantity taken regularly can really make the difference and improve daily your training.

PILATES PROgressive»©.  Advanced Pilates class for well-prepared persons and sportsmen. Contemporary trend based on the main Pilates techniques.

We invite you to discover the Pilates technique in a new way. "Pilates PROgressive" course is aimed at profound study of Pilates method and at introduction to its alternative techniques. It offers advanced dynamic techniques and deep uniform impact on the body.

 PORT DE BRAS. CLUB SYSTEM» тм . Original patented widely known method оf body recovery.

PortDeBras тм  routine is a unique exercise system that combines functional and dynamic traction with sets of hand and arm-related activity. The routine is restorative and rehabilitative and can also be used for building strength in back muscle. The work-out series helps develop correct and effective movement skills and techniques along with the ability to harmoniously and fully utilize the body's ability to move. (


 Balanced functional training which reduces the load on the spine and restores its natural functions.

«Body & Mind functional practice» creates a unique atmosphere of calmness although with a deep and powerful energy. The course is made taking into account scientific principles of body functioning. There is a balance of the exertion level, it also has beneficial effects on physical, psychological and mental constituents of a person. A deep and conscious motion using entirely natural breath creates powerful impulse for self-realization and achieving inner harmony.