28 - 31 MAY 2020
CRUISIN' will launch its new project CROSSWELL

Crosswell by Cruisin'

Thursday to Sunday Hall
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CrossWell is a training method imagined for a wide target, it represents a real innovation for the fitness club and wants to offer joy and fun but also evident and long-lasting results .

CrossWell is an extremely effective training method, creative and functional, always intense, created by a team of professionals who applied their skills and knowledge in the field of sports to recreational and theatrical initiatives.

CrossWell offers you to reach possible goals, to get ready for a performance, monitoring during the process gradual progress. It guarantees an interesting fitness along with the positive suggestion of fun.

CrossWell is a protocol which develops with medium-high intensity circuits and lessons divided in stations but also as a unified group.

CrossWell is completely adaptable according to the people and the equipment available in the gym, at the same time maintaining stable the principles of the didactic efficiency and of the training development.

CROSSWELL is the only functional format that provides one year of scheduling to instructors:

- sheets to realize circuits adaptable to different targets and equipments

- “warm up” sequence conceived to get ready for the class and preparatory to the study of exercises

-  the contests book with many ideas and proposals to motivate and improve the fidelity of students

WE EXERCISE WHILE HAVING FUN!  PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE Every circuit proposed has the goal to train people on specific objectives, useful to participate in contests organized by the Club and the organization. These moments of fun and exchange are fundamental to stimulate enthusiasm and growth in the students, to secure loyalty but above all to rediscover the real playful and fun aspect of working out.