FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
The first urban fitness tour that runs the world

Plank-on! Believe in Your Core Training™

Thursday to Sunday
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Plank-on!® born in 2015 thanks to Eric Linquist, ex football player, that had the idea to produce high quality sportswear rigorously made in Italy, with the intention to link the concept of the excellence of the product to the pursuit of excellent in sport.

Plank-on! motto matches with its philosophy “Believe in your core”, that means: believe in yourself to overcome your limits.

Together with Gianluca Petrai, product sales manager ad personal trainer, Plank-on!® has also become a sport with Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training, the first urban fitness tour that runs the world with its unique format giving the opportunity to train through the most beautiful cities in the world.

Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training format provides a path that alternates running, fast walking and tabata, interspersed with three fixed stations of workout studied for muscle toning and with strengthening exercises:

BodyWake, held by master trainer Gianluca Petrai it’s the first station of the format and it’s the training that works on smooth muscle activation;

Urban Fepty Band, held by master trainer Claudio Paganelli is the second station and it’s the workout that uses exclusively the Fepty Band for specific enhancement;

3Kamp, held by master trainer Mike Falanga, it’s the third BYC™Training station, a functional circuit with three stations for strengthening and improving the cardiovascular activity.

The purpose of Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training with its workout is to get you over your limit, making you discover and utilize the potential that each of us has inside. Plank-on! BYC™ Training is a lifestyle. It is “Believe in your core”.

During Rimini Wellness you can feel the unique experience of Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training and amplify it, if you want, wearing the technical clothing Plank-on!

In addition, the Plank-on! BYC™ Training workout takes place in silent mode through the use of headphones designed specifically with which the participants listen to the instructions of the trainer and the exclusive compilation Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training created exclusively for Pank-on!® by the renowned DJ Marco Bartolucci and Club Culture Records.

Plank-on! Believe in Your Core™ Training is also the first training format that combines sport with culture and art: the format was in fact born with the intent to discover the beauties of the cities thanks to the the help of a tour guide who trains with the group describing the territory during training.

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