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Live and ride with us: you will never forget it

Group Cycling®

Thursday to Sunday
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Group Cycling® is the innovative training program designed by Alfredo Venturi, Indoor Cycling pioneer and personal trainer, developed for use with Technogym® Group Cycle bikes.

Presented in Italy in 2009, this revolutionary program is still winning riders all over Europe being a non-competitive workout that anyone can afford to do without any specific physical preparation. It is a good cardiovascular training as well as an amusing group activity.

A Group Cycling® Class is a virtual bike journey where a soundtrack will take the rider to experience different paces guided by a trained and certified ICY Program® Trainer

A wide Community, a huge presence on all the social media, a recognized professionalism of the trainers and the way the program involves the rides; this makes Group Cycling® a reference to the fitness market.

Live and ride with us: you will never forget it!