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A new program that combines aerobic, functional workout and interval training technique


Thursday to Sunday Hall C5
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Insany-T ® fitness & workout is a fitness brand born in 2016 from the idea of the multiple Cuban champion of sport aerobics Reidel Duran Leon. He developed a workout program where sport aerobics and floor workout find their dimension between functional gymnastics and interval training creating an exploding cocktail. High intensity cardiovascular exercises and coordination movements turn this workout into a calories killer.

INSANY is an abbreviation for insanity. At first glance, this kind of workout can seem insane due to the intensity and speed of some exercises. This the reason why we chose this abbreviation.

T means training. Our workout sessions are designed to achieve objectives such as losing weight, gain tone, agility, strength, endurance and a better cardiovascular activity.

INSANY-T ® is a revolutionary workout program that combines strong cardiovascular exercises with high intensity movements for muscle strengthening and conditioning in order to bring your athletes to a new body fitness level. Endurance, functional and plyometric exercises with progressive charge that only uses our body weight combines with core strengthening exercises during a full and total body workout that ensures general slimming and muscle tone.

Dynamism and “core” workout are the current trend in 2018 fitness world.

Insany-T “More Flex and Core” is focused on natural movement and it has become very popular not only in physical activity field but also in the environments related to fitness, physical preparation and reeducation. Flex will help you reducing the risk of accident and will improve your ligaments abilities. Today a stable and strong core is fundamental in every sport field and activity in order to best realize your potential and for this reason, the Core training has become an integral part of every training protocol.