FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
Get fit celebrate life!


Thursday to Sunday
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Jindafit® is a full-body dance workout based on African moves and rhythms created by D’Jack Tchinda through many years of experience as professional fitness instructor and DJ. The philosophy of Jindafit® is to offer a workout for all fitness levels that delivers great results and is also enjoyable.

The workouts are a combination of High Intensity Interval Training for great fitness results and African music and dance moves that will keep your body moving while your mind and soul relax. Jindafit® further uses high repetition of moves to further increase strength and optimize fitness.

The Jindafit® workout focuses on shoulders, core and hips. By alternating body-weight exercises through dance moves it strengthens muscles, improves agility and mobility. The High Intensity Interval Training style boosts your metabolic rate and makes the body to burn fat even after finishing the workout.

Getting in shape has never been this fun! The up-tempo African rhythms will let you enjoy the moment and let go of any worries. Jindafit® workouts are fast paced, the short African dance moves are easy to follow and you’re guaranteed of a sweaty workout.

With its origins in African rhythms and solid fitness routines this unique program is a new, easy and different way to shape your body. 

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