FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
Maurizio Treccioli, with his JTB, in 2017 will be as usual at RiminiWellness


Thursday to Sunday
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Maurizio Treccioli, with his JTB, in 2017 will be as usual at RiiniWellness, but this year, after a break, he decided to bring back the stage, where he will make perform the most popular presenters of these months.
Besides, JTB will host on its stage the Association Acsi, that will bring on stage other activities, 

The masters will begin Thrsday, June the 1st, have a duration of 30 minutes.

Davide Mascitelli will lead the JTB planning.

The Presenters that JTB has summoned for RiminiWellness are:

• Giacomo Piccoli
• Luciano Mottola
• Anastasia Alexandridi (Greece)
• Laeti Vital (France)
• Francesco Miccoli
• Salvatore Panebianco
• Fares Soltani (Tunisia)
• Loredana Caporicci
• Alessandro Uccellini
• Davide Fitelit (Belgium)
• Stefania Palladino
• Martino Raguso
• Andrea Mori
• Claudio Paganelli
• Denis Bassetto
• Luca Casalini
• Dasha Gorok (Russia)
• Alessio Pertica
• Rimma Banina (Germany)
• Lucia Parravicini (Germany)
• Kristina Markstetter (Germany)
• Janneke Bakker (Holland)
• Suzuki Kazuma (Japan)
• Jeff Nishi (Japan)
• Kiyoshi yamakawa (Japan)

There will be also the winner of the Motion System Contest of Paris Sergey Oleyinicov and the winner of the Step-Dance Contest who took place in Polland 

JTB will host on its stage the new program "Twerxout®", that will be performer by Rimma Banina, Lucia Filgueira Parravicini e Kristina Markstetter.
It´s an innovative dance-fitness program, which combines twerk basics and dancing with various exercises and functional training. The full-body workout with special focus on legs and glutes is both, powerful and fun!

Acsi for JTB will male perform on stage the following activities and Presenters:

• Just Ki Dance (Claudio Masi e Jana D'antoni)
• Revolution - Overall Functional (Raffaele Iaccarino)
• Corpology® (Fabio Campece)
• Shape&Tone® (Mario Martinelli, Valentina Lato, Laura Troccolo)
• Evolution Fitness (Guido De Luca)
• Yoga Flex Fitness® (Elena Mauri e Salvatore De Luca)
• Fitness Burlesque® (Mario Martinelli, Valentina Lato, Laura Marchesi)
• BeatBoxe® powered by Fit Kombat (Marianna Perruno e Sergio Gallotta)

JTB will have also the pleasure to have on its stage the presentation of Fit Kombat’s new program BEATBOXE®.
It is a pre-choregraphic training program created by Sergio Gallotta and Marianna Perruno, that, working free body alternates combinations of functional exercises, technical boxing and martial arts, creating a real HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training).
Its features are alike to the real prepugilistica boxe training.

As usual, JTB will organize, for the Saturday night, either the dinner (at the “Bagno 26” like last year) and a party on the beach.
In the following weeks we will give you more details about these events.

For information:
Facebook: Davide Mascitelli
Tel: 347/8080880



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Instagram: mauriziojtb

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