28 - 31 MAY 2020
Stage and booth with lots of activities to experience!


Thursday to Sunday Hall D6
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We are once again ready to propose many news and iniziative.

We produce clothing, but we care about fitness in its countless facets.  That is why we collected the greatest international and national Presenters. They will bring you in a swirl of music and choreographies making your Rimini Wellness experience unforgettable.

On the JTB stages we will present:

Anastasia Alexandridi - Greece

Carlos Ramirez – Spain

Taras Klimov - Russia

Giacomo Piccoli - Italy

Alex Ferrante - Italy

Max Tsyvinda - Ukraine

Allegra Deevasis - Italy

Martino Raguso - Italy

Yulia Linnik - Ukraine

Bilel Zayati - Italy

Meiggie Zahani - France

David Fitelit - Belgium

Luciano Mottola - Italy

Mario Schmidt - Austria

Giorgos Chatzimichail - Greece

Alexandra Kobalinova - Ukraine

Stefania Palladino - Italy

Chikako Ishikawa - Japan

Savchenko Polina - Ukraine

Dorota Szczypka - Poland

Ligia Serwinowska - Poland

Minori Kobayashi - Japan

Marta Giangrande - Italy

Tony Ruocco - Italy

Claudio Paganelli - Italy

Alessia Piccinini - Italy

Andrea Cucchiara - Italy

Alessio Pertica - Italy

Daniele Santoro - Italy

Matteo Borois - Italy

Roberto Scalera - Italy

Dario Guadagnoli - Italy

Luca Casalini - Italy

Alessandro Uccellini -Italy

Beba Balla&Brucia - Venezuela

Claudio Masi - Italy

Joan Altisen - Italy

All this will be possible thanks to “+ C.R.E.A. School Training” which has taken care of the minimum details of an excellence program.

“+ C.R.E.A. Fitness” is a new reality of italian fitness. Their mission is training and updating.

CREA means Skills, Answers, Emotions, Support, goals that the school aims for its members.

But this is not the end….

JTB has new partnerships with ONEKORE, TOSCO SCORE, clothing and supplement  NITRO, TILLDEND and R-EVENGE. 

They will present new clothing lines produced by JTB.

R-Revenge will also be the official supplier for JTB Presenters on the stages.

Here are the programs that our partners will present on the JTB stages at Rimini Wellness:

"POWER BY ONEKOR" is a functional training program by Joan Altisen. 

Get a harmonious toned body with high intensity intervals.

"FIT FOR DANCE®" comes from the thirty years of experience of its creator in the urban arts sector and in the experimentation of the most modern fitness methods.

A way of training that goes far beyond the aspect of choreographic fitness, of group dance courses disguised as training. You will move and train your body like you've never done before.


It's a dance discipline burns calories where you can lose weight, tone up, learn to dance more than 60 different dance rhythms while having fun.

It 's not a dance or a fitness lesson, anyone can participate in "BALLA & BRUCIA®" because there is no need to know how to dance or even to have a high degree of coordination. This makes it different from other courses and much more fun.

"MOVIDA FITNESS" is an explosive fitness lesson that combines the world of classic aerobics with that of dance. 360 ° music for a strong emotional impact: fun and sweat guaranteed.

"JUSTKIDANCE" is the most irreverent fitness discipline of the moment. His creative manager Claudio Masi has devised a format on dance, pop and rock notes from the 1960s to the present day.

The stage dedicated to Silent Fitness will have the maximum expression in TillDend.

Two new format will be presented: HIT DANCE 4 MUSIC, 4 music disciplines will be interchanged and HIIT TRAININN INDOOR a new indoor circuit with hight intensity training.

 “R-REVENGE” will not fail to present its hi-tech clothing. In cooperation with Cristiano Lollo will presents on the stage YOGA, PILATES, YOGAFLOW by CREA and many Body & Mind Classes.

JTB Collection is waiting for you at our booth with classics and news. Not only Fitness but Urban Style as well with original models and fabrics.