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Thursday to Sunday Hall D5
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Two Cruisin' stages to give the opportunity to all fitness professionals to meet with the most prestigious testimonials on the international scene and undertake new training courses. On the stages CRUISIN' VILLAGE and THE ONE - HERBALIFE NUTRITION (pad D5) an exclusive line-up for a marathon of national and international presenters that give life to a wide program of lessons.

On the main stage CRUISIN' VILLAGE lessons of Spring Energie (step), aerodance, xtempo and Sunday the finals of the international contest THE ONE and in the dedicated area the lessons of CrossWell Functional Training.

On stage THE ONE - HERBALIFE NUTRITION lessons of functional, pilates, tone, xtempo, port de bras and the selections of THE ONE - International Fit Talent, the first international contest dedicated to the talents of the choreographic step that sees the collaboration of many organizations working in the world of fitness.

Tanti gli appuntamenti imperdibili per gli amanti del fitness in queste giornate tra i quali:

  • Sabato 1 giugno alle ore 11.20 sul Palco THE ONE - HERBALIFE NUTRITION la lezione Atlhetic Workout con Salvatore Nocerino Testimonial Herbalife e Samatha Clayton atleta olimpica, personal trainer e responsabile Herbalife del settore fitness
  • Sabato 1 giugno alle ore 14.10 sul Palco CRUISIN’ VILLAGE (D5) Salvatore Nocerino presenta BeFire un workout che propone un condizionamento cardio-muscolare studiato per evidenziare i vantaggi biomeccanici e le particolarità performanti dello Spring Energie.

There are many appointments not to be missed for fitness lovers on these days including:

  • Saturday, June 1 at 11:20 on the stage THE ONE - HERBALIFE NUTRITION the lesson Atlhetic Workout with Salvatore Nocerino Testimonial Herbalife and Samantha Clayton Olympic athlete, personal trainer and head of fitness Herbalife
  • Saturday, June 1 at 14:10 on the stage CRUISIN' VILLAGE (D5) Salvatore Nocerino presents BeFire a workout that offers cardio-muscular conditioning designed to highlight the biomechanical advantages and performance features of Spring Energie.


From Italy Salvatore Nocerino, Alex Manzo, Barbara Martelli, Liubov Koneva, Riccardo Camicia, Silvia Farfaletti, Chiara Marini, Valeria Genco, Silvia Girino

From France Rémy Huleux, Morgan Moreau, Julien Bosq

From Russia Ekaterina Vasilenko, Sasha Oshkin, Alexander Fomin, Vladirmir Snezhik

From Spain Carol López César

From Tunisia Fares Soltani

From Sweden Per Markussen

From Belgium David Fitelit

From the Czech Republic Roman Ondrasek

From Switzerland Evelyne Sahli

The Italian XTEMPO instructors and the Russian xtempo team led by Tanja Kazantseva

At the CRUISIN' HALL pav.D5 is staged the great show of fitness with the lessons of Spring Energie (step), Aerodance, the extraordinary energy of the lessons XTempo Training System and the presentation of CrossWell Functional Training.

THE SPRING ENERGIE the revolution of the step

The undisputed protagonist of the CRUISIN' D5 stage is the SPRING ENERGIE; the "elastic step" equipped with a flexible platform that allows you to train at your best, preserving your health, absorbs shocks protecting joints and ligaments.

SPRING ENERGIE SPECIAL PRICE Only during Rimini Wellness you can order and buy Spring Energie with a 20% discount!


Are you a gym owner and want to test XTEMPO, CROSSWELL FUNCTIONAL TRAINING training systems for free?

We are waiting for you at the Cruisin' Village (Hall D5) to receive two months of free trial to propose the program chosen within your club!

INFO: Cruisin' tel 059225940


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