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SPEFFY is the Search Engine Sports.

It stands for “SPORT everywhere forever for you”: the sport at hand, wherever you are.

The slogan? Make Sports Easy! In line with the aim: to make sport easy and immediate.

Are you looking for a center, or a professional, to train and do you want to know what courses and what services do they offer?  Do you want to keep your passion for sport but you're traveling and you do not know where to train?

SPEFFY provides you free of charge and quickly the best answers to all your questions, just using a PC or the app.

Just indicate the zone and / or the activity you are interested in.

In a moment, you will have all the available results: you can compare them, see reviews of users that have already trained there and filter them to find the one closest to your needs.

Once you have chosen, the center or the professional more suitable for you, you can contact them and fix your training plan.

Suppose instead that you already have your center or instructor of confidence SPEFFY is anyway ideal for you!

Simply click "follow" in the profile of your center or trainer of confidence and download the free app SPEFFY.

They will tell you, in an instant, by a notification, if there is a delay or time change of an asset or other notices or communications.

You can also follow directly your sports / favorite activities and receive updates, news, events near you, relevant communications and much more…

 Are you a trainer, do you manage a sports center? Registration is free for you too!

You don’t need to be on the web, you just need to be found…

With SPEFFY you have the possibility to intercept the sportsman, just when he is looking for what you offer:  To Associate means to be the answer to his search. You can:

  • Create new contacts;
  • Have a dedicated web page;
  • Contact those who are already your customers with the notification system for every warning, update, or modification of time, you' ll want to communicate;
  • Speffy contacts, in an instant, even sports centres and trainers for new job opportunities or sudden replacements.

Finding you, on the web, will never be so simple: visibility, advertising and new revenue at 0 cost.

Exploiting the potential of the web to multiply those of a sports center and also multiply the freedom of the user's choice: this is the innovation of SPEFFY!