FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
A complete workout

Fit Paddling

Thursday to Sunday
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Fit Paddling is a new fitness discipline that is based on the principles of proprioception and uses specific exercises in coordination with the use of a kayak paddle.All exercises are practiced on a Fitness Board.

Exercises done with constant proprioception require all muscles to work together with each  movement.,thus improving strength and resistance in addition to balance,coordination and posture.

The exercises done on a Fitness Board are 100% low impact, so there is no strain on  muscles or limbs. This makes Fit Paddling ideal for rehabilitation exercises as well.

The board is constructed out of polyethylene by a rotational technique, which makes Fit Paddling ® an indestructible and unique product .Your purchase will last for many years and there will be no need for any maintenance for cracks or breaks. The large non-slip pad that covers the top is comfortable and is designed and conceived for calisthenics and optimized for kayak paddling and SUP. The sides are shaped to allow optimum control of the board with your feet and your body.

The underwater surface of the Board is equipped with two large drifts designed and planned to ensure a progressive stability and resistance exercises.

The special construction of the hull makes the board ideal for kayak paddling, SUP and performing calisthenics. The particular shape of the board allows it to be stored vertically. The fin also has a hole that allows the use of a chain for storage.

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