FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018


Thursday to Sunday
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The Stikwalking® is a walking program integration-walkexercise to work the upper body more vigorously, mimicking the Nordic, cross-country skiing and all similar disciplines.
The sticks STIKWALK® that you can apply to any brand of magnetic treadmill,electrical or mechanical.
With the use of STIKWALK® using the 90% of your body muscles ,with significant and obvious results at firming, muscular tonicity, calorie consumption and weight loss.

The use of STIKWALK® sticks allow you an effective job at 360° on all muscular angles of the upper part of your body.  They are suitable for both private use and the competition  and in the field of rehabilitation.

Walkexercise® the only preatletismo program suitable for all ages.

The Walkexercise® is an innovative and original fitness course where students are equipped with special mechanical treadmill (without motor).
The main ingredient of training, of course, is walking , which takes place with countless combinations of steps and  pre-athleticism , pre-ski exercises, fitness etc.

Since walking is the most natural and physical activity without risk to your joints, this course offers the advantage of being really within everyone's reach, also of overweight people. It can also be used for competitions and rehabilitation. Contrary to what you believe when you want to lose excess pounds the effectiveness of walking at a fast pace is higher than that of the race.
With the Walkexercise® you have visible benefits on muscle tone, lower limbs and buttocks because working continuously you tighten and define themselves.
The muscles of the upper part of the body, are brought into play by targeted exercises for this tool, the lesson is a complete and harmonious training: your ABS by good stabilizers work throughout the walkexercise® program;
Moreover you can combine exercises with arms also performed with the aid of small tools (dumbbells, elastic etc).

A big thank you to more than 1000 officers club, slimming centers and personal trainer of "WALKEXERCISE®" who contributed, in these 15 years, growth and spread of this discipline.

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