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The first method of training that it permits to keep fit dancing


Thursday to Sunday Hall A5
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It 's an absolute novelty in the world, the first method of Workout that allows you to get fit while dancing.  It is designed by the world famous Raffaele Paganini and the professional dancer and choreographer Annarosa Petri. The method is already recognized as an official discipline by CSI (Italian Sports Center), "AID& A" - Dance  Association and C.O.N.I.

WellDance® is a cardiovascular, lipolytic, drainage method with true dance choreographies created by the fusion of classical dance, jazz and hip hop movements. You keep your heart rate high: breath and muscles are put under stress. You burn calories, but you also work on toning and elasticity. Everything dancing, because as you train you learn Choreography. From the beginning of the lesson, you work on the routine steps, to get to the peak, with continuity and fun.