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Research, talent and quality of service in fitness centers: XTEMPO

XTEMPO is divided into different work out programs (XTEMPO ENERGY – SCULPT- GODANCE- PILATES & MORE – AQUA) based on some principles that make it unique and original: lessons with pre-determined choreographies, effective and exciting, with an absolutely revolutionary use of music.

In XTEMPO, music is an important and essential didactic tool: speed variations (BPM) within every single music track produce an intense and controlled work on the muscular and cardiovascular level, causing a spontaneous emotional involvement.

The XTEMPO training programs, created and distributed by IDEA/CRUISIN’, are result of a continuous process of study, analysis, research and trial aiming to satisfy in an always more effective way the requests of the final user: students of clubs all over the world.

After only three years from its launch, more than 700 clubs present XTEMPO in their daily plannings.

With the formula XTEMPO CLUB, the fitness centers can reach their goals thanks to a series of winning guarantees innate in the project:

-high technical standard and innovative potential of the XTEMPO programs

-continuous training for the instructors

-internal communication

-strategic and marketing support