28 - 31 MAY 2020
Are you ready to DGSKATING? LET’S ROLL!

DG SKating

Thursday to Sunday
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Dgskating is a functional and cardiovascular training program created by the personal trainer Donato Gioielli in 2016. It is about physical strengthening and conditioning thought to help people achieve a complete and general welfare.

The absolute new of Dgskating is represented by the  is   the   range   of   patented   workout  equipment, specifically three, the “Skating”, that, thanks to their shape and their versatility, enable the execution of hundreds of exercises, that build, burn, tone and strengthen, by using the gravity and the body weight. They are:

  • The SKATING ONE is the first creation: its system of extremely sliding wheels on every kind of surface guarantees fluent horizontal and vertical movements.
  • The 3.0 SKATING is similar for the shape to the skating one, but it’s different for the wheels, that are extremely clutched so they guarantees horizontal and vertical movements with the full control of the movement itself.
  • The ROLLER SKATING is the last introduction of DGSkating equipment. It’s different for the disk shape and for the limber wheels that guarantees 360°degrees movements in every direction. In addition, It’s provided  with 4 little feet  that  turn it in a stable platform and two rings for the insertion of elastic bands that make possible the execution of an infinite combination of exercises.


The methodology of DGSkating format is divided in three moments:

  • FIRST MOMENT: it’s a Preworkout, characterized by functional and callisthenic movements choreographed and synchronized by following the rhythm of the music.
  • SECOND MOMENT: Didactic Skating Phase, because it’s focused on the quality of the execution on the Skating equipment.
  • THIRD MOMENT: Dgs Combat, it’s the final sprint, the most adrenalinic and amusing moment. It is characterized by choreographed and synchronized moments by following the rhythm of the music.

Our routines  (that incorporates gymnastic and combat movements) are  perfectly in sync with music, as we create our “dgskating songs”, a compilation of tracks tailored to every movement, with special sound effects made by our DJ skating team.

Every move has a beat, and will push your students to work harder in simple yet fun and exciting new ways.