FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
Are you ready to DGSKATING? LET’S ROLL!

DG SKating

Thursday to Sunday
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Dg skating is a functional and cardiovascular training program, created by Donato Gioielli, an italian personal trainer born in Caserta, Italy, in 2016.

It's a physical strengthening and conditioning program designed to help people gain complete and general well-being.

Innovation is not just about skating, which is distinguished by the common skateboard for its shape and versatility, but above all for the training method consisting of three moments:

- moment one, full of functional and callistic exercises that focus on strength and beauty;

- two moment, the most educational, which that involves performing skating exercises;

- three moments, the most adrenaline stage, the most fun with exercises performed in music time.

Dg Skating training develops, through complex movements, the specific qualities of proprioception, muscular synergy and muscular strength. It stimulates resilience, ie the ability of the central nervous system to withstand stress and fatigue over time, and is therefore closely linked to the development of self-efficacy. It improves the aerobic threshold, which means greater lactate disposal capacity. It achieves remarkable aesthetic results, slimming and toning, in a short time.

It's a good fit for everyone because it's simple and fun and gives fast results in terms of degradation, massive mass mass and physical reactivity in the simplest situations of everyday life. Such a training, unlike what happens to routine programs, creates a greater group spirit and greater motivation, fueled by the healthy participation of antagonism. The training phase is for the client a challenging challenge / race against oneself.

So what you waiting for?

“Are you ready to DGSKATING? LET’S ROLL!”

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