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Core Stix®

Thursday to Sunday Hall D2
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The innovative Core Stix®, the most versatile fitness tool and functional training system on the market, will be present at the RiminiWellness. 

Core Stix® is the synthesis of all the most modern functional training concepts.

In less than 2 square meters, you can train strength, control, coordination, balance, summarizing the concepts of postural, body building and functional training.

Core Stix® allows you to transform exercises into movements by training all muscle groups, seeking the activation of the core and stabilizing muscles.

The ability to use stixes of 5 different resistances allows to find the right work intensity for each person, from beginner to athlete, creating a progression and a variety of muscle stimulation that only a well-equipped gym can provide.

A simple exercise can become a movement for toning, aerobic workout, a proprioceptive aerobic coordinate workout, simulation of a technical gesture for a specific sport.

Team Core Stix® awaits you at RiminiWelllness, hall D2; It will be  at your disposal for any technical and commercial information.