FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
A new group training program by Matrix

MX4 Small Group Training

Thursday to Sunday
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Matrix has created a new group training program, MX4 Small Group Training.

It’s a kind of program for those who belong to all levels of fitness; it provides a unique group training workout experience, which attract, involve and thrill whoever loves fitness.

MX4 involves a small group that – thanks to high performant equipment coupled with exciting workouts – wants to improve his own cardio capacity, strength, power and resistance within a compelling environment, dominated by spirit of camaraderie. 

Thanks to MX4 you can:

• build functional strength by executing exercises using weights that reflect everyday life.   

• burn fat and engineer the muscle faster through an intense workout that will active the natural human growth hormone

• increase power through several strength exercises

• improve agility making any forward, backward or lateral movements

• improve cardiovascular health by moving all the body without overwork the joints.

• increase aerobic agility, strength and resistance by training uniquely your upper body

No matter what goal you want to make, MX4 will help users to achieve it thanks to the personal trainer’s attention, the camaraderie and progressive challenges.

Mx4 Small Group Training combines different and unique workout equipment as the Connexus Functional Training, the S-Drive Performance Trainer, the Rowing machine and the KRANKcycle to help everybody - from beginners to professional - to progress their results. The programs can be easily modified to meet the single needs of all users and can be adapted both to small and big groups.

Ultimately, this mix of equipment, programming and personal trainers will help contributors to take advantage of a personal training service within a group.

To differentiate the club through MX4 training system, will encourage users to train again gladly and to come along with other friends to let them experience something new.  

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