FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
The real program that combines fitness and martial arts


Thursday to Sunday Hall B5
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AeroKombat® is the real and unique program that combines fitness and martial arts. The first to be born in Italy and the authentic, able to mix the benefits and results of fitness training with the technique of combat sports.

Is the brand, name and fitness/martial program most imitated of all times, with a myriad of copies and plagiarisms, none of which are able to match its characteristics.

This is because AeroKombat® is a carefully designed program that combines real techniques from different martial arts, mixed to the music for a strong workout for all muscle groups, effective in toning and body sculpting and, at the same time, a true martial art can teach self-defense techniques.

AeroKombat® is not just kicks and punches pulled on a punching bag while you jump and sweat on the music rhythmn! Aerokombat® use all the professional fighter equipment: pao, ropes, balls, shields, focus... and although does not consider the physical contact, it proposes circuits and combinations such as those proposed to the sportsman who has to prepare for combat.

Created in 1997, make it first appearance at the popular BIG GYM event in Rome, establish yourself from the beginning as a successful program. Today it celebrates 20 years old and for the occasion at Rimini Wellness will be a party and gadgets for athletes and instructors.

Thanks to the structured program, the professionalism of the instructors (from both the fitness that martial arts) and the success achieved over the years, AeroKombat® is the only martial fitness discipline to be recognized by FIKBMS Federation, Sports Discipline Associate to the Italian National Olympic Committee, besides to being always part of the CSEN circuit, which develops training courses and partecipate at the national fitness event circuit all over Italy.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for AeroKombat® (in B5 Pavilion) the Csen National Master Trainer, creator of the program, and Italian and internationally champion in various martial disciplines

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