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“The first flexible, dynamically unpredictable free-weights with patented technology”

Reax Chain consists of flexible and adjustable rings.

It can be used as a kettlebell, a battle rope, a dumbbell, a barbell, a Bulgarian bag and in many other ways. It is dynamically unpredictable, flexible, wearable, soft, safe and space-saving.

Reax Chain is one of a kind tool: a free-weight which combines the softness and flexibility of a rope with the features of a traditional functional weight. Reax Chain allows for an endless range of exercises. The special material the chain is made out of significantly reduces the impact on the surfaces, thus reducing the risk for users and workout space.

Reax Chain was awarded the important international "Innovation Award" by the "Fitness Tribune" magazine during Fibo 2017 and came out a winner at "Ispo Award 2018" contest.

Reax Chain in available in different weights in 1, 2 or 5 ring version. The product types can be either used separately or combined to build an endless range of exercise routines. Ideal for functional training, fun in group activity, handy for those who want to train with their personal trainer from the comfort of their home or in the park down the street.

Reax Chain takes training to a much higher level in terms of quality and quantity. The progressive approach allows for the acquisition of increasingly complex motor skills: increasing coordination, improving strength, improving balance, boosting reactive strength, improving accuracy, increasing flexibility.


“Water oscillation destabilizes any movement performed on the floating board. Your workout turns out to be unpredictable, effective and fun".

Reax Raft is an original product to develop motivating water training programs. The unstable surface increases the intensity of any exercise, triggering the athlete's ability to react quickly and find balance following a disturbance. Each exercise becomes more effective and challenging when performed on the Floating Board. A vast number of training formats turns out to be more effective and fun. Diversifying your offer is a must for all those who want their customers to experience the latest innovations in the fitness industry. Reax Raft is the fitness trend of the moment, not to be missed if you want to renew your courses in the pool.

Reax Raft adds unpredictability and enhances the benefits of training in terms of physical performance and mental well-being that only water can give. Water boosts training performances to a much higher level in terms of intensity, by improving: coordination, balance, endurance, muscle tone.

Reax Raft is a professional product conceived and manufactured in Italy.  It is available in two elegant colors: black and grey. In case of exposure to atmospheric agents such as sun, salt and chlorine, we recommend the lighter version in order not to alter the product finishing.

The set-up in the swimming pool is very quick as Reax Raft has an original, fast and safe anchoring system ideal for swimming pools in resorts, clubs and sports centers. The particular non-slip surface guarantees comfort and safe grip, allowing the user to perform exercises standing, lying on the back or on the chest.


“The first ball in the world with a variable amount of liquid inside for unpredictable, effective and fun workouts”

Fluiballs are outstanding and indestructible medicine balls with a variable amount of non-toxic colored fluid inside. The instability and unpredictability of the water make them a real functional tool: dynamically unpredictable, soft, safe and space-saving. FLUIBALL is unique: you can toss, lift, slam and place it on any surface ensuring a safe exercise environment. Any type of training can be adjusted according to the athletes’ needs by assessing their individual educational progression. The intensity of the single exercise or training session is not only determined by the weight of the item, but also by the speed in performing the entire movement. These proprioceptive balls are recommended in rehabilitation phases for upper limb functional recovery and to restore coordination and movement control.

Proprioceptive stimuli significantly improve athletes' abilities. Unlike standard functional tools, any exercise will be more intense.

Fluiball improves: strength, agility, balance, endurance.

The special feeling and chromaticity of Fluiballs turn the fatigue of motor activity into a pleasant moment of harmony and fun. They come in different weights and sizes and with just one tool you can renew or replace the training formats already present in your club.