FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
For trainers who give themselves a challenge


Thursday to Sunday
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REAXING finds its roots in the idea that every day we are exposed to unpredictable situations and the ability to react is the cornerstone of our psychophysical well-being.

For this reason, Reaxing has developed a training methodology and a product range exploiting the “Sudden Dynamic Impulse” technology: based on the gradual release of monitored impulses, through light, sound and tactile stimulations and/or sudden motor interferences, the athlete or the patient is forced to activate quick neuromuscular reactions.

Reaxing training is versatile and easily customizable in terms of endurance and strength. These features make it suitable pretty much for everyone. It trains your senses, improves the responsiveness and your performances, increases the calories consumption and reduces the risk of accidents. It’s the new frontier of the neuromuscular training.


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