FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
The specialists of the movement


Thursday to Sunday Hall A5
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For years, we have worked hard to give the best in the field of physical fitness by providing professional accessories for gyms, personal training centers and holistic studies.

We are inspired by the most innovative training techniques and the design of the equipment, we provide the collaboration of trained and qualified specialists in each discipline.

We want to see a world in which the movement, healthy, correct and funny, can resume its place of honor. We want an increasing number of people to be comfortable with their body.

We simply believe that movement is at the basis of life and as Robin Sharma we believe that:

"If you do not dedicate time to your physical fitness today, you will have to take care of the disease tomorrow."

We are firmly convinced that movement can be considered a medicine for the man of our day.

For this reason, at Rimini Wellness we have dedicated over 1000 meters to the testing of tools and training methods; From functional fitness, to holistic disciplines, to more specific applications for athletic training.

In Hall A5 you will have the opportunity to try and buy directly from the stand, almost all the products and novelties of the rich catalog 2017.

For all days of the fair you will be able to attend the demonstration lessons of Superpump, Pole, Flying, Rootape and Outrace Training by the best professionals in the industry.

And for the first time in an Italian event, you will be able to assist at Outrace, the exclusive line of structural solutions and applications designed to meet your specific functional and group training needs, design and space optimization.

In addition to the accurate search for proportions, colors and details, the Outrace project also marries Sidea's philosophy. Everything is centered on movement, not on muscles, in adherence to the principle that the brain focuses on motor skills, acquires information, and transforms it into useful motions.

No constraint, no limitation, maximum freedom...

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