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2 - 5 June 2022
1200 calories and 400 muscles per session!

World Jumping

Thursday to Sunday
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World Jumping workout burns up to 1200 calories per session and uses around 400 muscles. Helps with coordination, improves balance, have a low impact on the joints and significantly reduce stress. It's the only workout helps to love lymph system increase detoxification of the body and restore pelvic muscle for ladies after pregnancy.

The World Jumping workout is based on aerobic exercise, perfected over many years by fitness and medical professionals. The World Jumping exercise program is not just random jumping on a trampoline. It is a highly coordinated system of exercises and combination of fast and slow jumps with variations of traditional aerobic steps, dynamic sprints and “power sports” elements.

World jumping Kids course is designed to motivate inactive kids to move more and have fun while thy exercise. The benefits in improved sleeping and eating patterns, stronger bones, better study habits, a good self-image and eventually a fitter, healthier adult.

The high-intensity workout on our trampolines with handle bar opens up new possibilities and greatly expands to a range of exercise. The full body workout is recommended for any group of age and used for different trainings like circuit and strength. From the medical point of view, it has a very positive impact on all systems of the body and therefore considered highly effective.

Let us introduce to you the WORLD JUMPING TRAMPOLINE made of superior quality, designed by experts for fitness, sports and health professionals and sports instructors. Professional WORLD JUMPING TRAMPOLINES with technical design and material, which are not comparable to commercially available trampolines. The trampolines have TUV Certification and meet the requirements of health and safety standards.

WORLD JUMPING programs and products are now in 44 countries of the world.

A range of 8 different exercise courses means the trampoline classes are suitable for all ages from 4 years up to 70 and even beyond! The trampolines and supporting training courses can be purchased by individual instructors looking to set up their own classes as well as gyms and other fitness outlets looking to provide a unique workout option for their members.

The trampolines themselves are of a premium quality, more durable than other trampolines thanks to the unique frame design and a mat made from hardwearing material stitched with the same thread used in parachute manufacturing. The trampolines are available in lightweight options and are of a stackable design which makes them ideal for storing. The handlebars allow for a high intensity workout with core stability and better balance and movement, while specially designed ‘spider feet’ ensure stability of the equipment for even the most intense workouts. The trampolines also have a TUV health and safety certification.