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In 2017, on Csen Fitness Events Stage at Rimini Wellness will be present as usual great variety and great quality of fitness programs, from the timeless to some news. Besides, some of the best exclusive Csen, like self-stabilizing platform EvoBoard and the Swedish Mysa mat.

- AEROBIC AND STEP: Of course on the Csen stage will be present choreograpic fitness, both with aerobic and Step. With the best Csen Presenters selected throughout Italy, Aerobics will entertain you with exciting choreography, on the beat of the latest music. Benefits on the cardiovascular system and tone are assured, thanks to the combination of moderate-intensity exercises in long-term sequences. Body expression, emotional involvement, elimination of stress and tensions of everyday life are the qualities that characterize this overall workout that improves strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance. But to make unforgettable each training session, will taking turns and working together to create always new choreography full of enthusiasm and positive energy some of the best Presenter selected to represent the National Educational Sports Center (CSEN).

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Aerobic & Step Andrea Trionfi from L'Aquila, Giovanni Manzone from Salerno, Nicola Balzerano from Pescara, Alessio Iodice from Pisa e Veronica Acquaviva from Rome.

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- AEROKOMBAT®: The real and unique program that combines fitness and martial arts. The first to be born in Italy and the authentic, able to mix the benefits and results of fitness training with the technique of combat sports. The brand, name and fitness/martial program most imitated of all times, with a myriad of copies and plagiarisms, none of which are able to match its characteristics. This is because AeroKombat® is a carefully designed program that combines real techniques from different martial arts mixed to the music for a strong workout for all muscle groups, effective in toning and body sculpting and, at the same time, a true martial art can teach self-defense techniques. AeroKombat® is not just kicks and punches pulled on a punching bag while you jump and sweat on the music rhythmn! Aerokombat® use all the professional fighter equipment: pao, ropes, balls, shields, focus... and although does not consider the physical contact, it proposes circuits and combinations such as those proposed to the sportsman who has to prepare for combat.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for AeroKombat® the Csen National Master Trainer, creator of the program, and Italian and internationally champion in various martial disciplines Cristian Cacace, together with the instructor Vito Scolamacchia and Team Italy.

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- B.F.T. BALANCE FUNCTIONAL FITNESS & TONE: B.F.T. is a free body functional workout program that uses music and balance tools, to improve body control and joint stability. It designed to create an alternative to the existing toning lessons, take advantage of functional and metabolic training principles and taking them inside the fitness room. An intense and effective workout, but also simple, fun and suitable for every type of sportsman. B.F.T. is composed by different working protocols, depending on the tools and unstable platforms that uses (B.F.T. Body Weight Program, B.F.T. Step Program and B.F.T. Balance Program).

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for B.F.T. Body Weight Program the Master Trainer and creator of the program Fabrizio Pellecchia, together with Team Italy, while for the B.F.T. Step Program will take the stage the Master Trainer Andrea Trionfi, together with the Instructor Alessio Iodice.

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- COUNTRY FITNESS: Country Fitness is a new way to be fit condense together some of the easiest steps of the Line dance with the aerobics' choreography. In this way the Country Fitness invents a new style to entertain and keep you healthy. High and low aerobic, coordination, resistance, tone up and stretching, life combat and chases movements, couple dance and Irish dances, are a journey through the steps of the Country music.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Country Fitness the founder Nicolas Rosan together with his Team Italy, composed by Milvia Landi, Luisa Sartori, Manuela Scatola, Desirè Gasparini, Sonia Olivieri, Barbara Verza, Raffaella Schepisi ed Elisa Zangrando. Other 100 Instructors sill bo on stage on Saturday at 17:30, for a lesson which involved all italian regions!

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- EVOBOARD®: Innovative self-stabilizing and proprioceptive platform, EvoBoard® allows you to acquire and develop psychomotor and muscle skills with exercises that affect the whole body. Easy to use and manage, EvoBoard® is suitable for every type of athlet and allow to reproduce, even in closed places, movements and exercised typical of outdoor disciplines such as snowboarding, skiing, surfing, kite surfing, water skiing, skating etc. Thanks to its versatility and the numerous combinations allowed, EvoBoard® allows challenging physical activity, with fun at the same time. Anyone can use it to perform aerobic, anaerobic, boosting, stretching, mobility, abdominal, rehabilitation, coordination ... or just for fun!

The 5 main feautures of the platform are:

Design and geometry, allowing 360 degree muscular reinforcement work;

Bubble level, embedded in the central part of the platform, allowing the display of the angle of use, with particular advantage in performing balance exercises;

Internal structure, which allows you to maintain balance while performing any exercise, making it easier to return to the center position. This particular feature is determined when testing associated with balance problems;

Side sockets, located along the perimeter of the platform and determining both during acrobatic exercises as well as stretching or pilates;

Anti-slip material placed on the base of the platform, so that it can be used even when barefoot.

The EvoBoard® platform is a Csen exclusive.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Evoboard the Master Trainer Stefano Pietropaoli and the Instructor Alessandra Comandini.

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- H.D.P. TONING: High Definition Power (H.D.P.) is an high intensity interval training toning program, able to burn fat, sculpt and increase aerobic capacity, muscle strength and motor and coordinative skills. A fitness class that uses step, small weights and elastic to the rhythm of the most exciting and popular music. A program that combine the short-intense workout of the weight room with the motivation, music and fun of collective room. A short, intense and with high levels of anabolic hormones workout which aims to achieve own personal limit and a positive psycho-physical stress, to reach a real structural change. H.D.P. is not only "fitness" or just "toning"... is the lesson for all those who really want to get a result... training! For a true High Definition Power !!

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for H.D.P. the CSEN National Master Trainers Cristian Cacace and the CSEN Instructor Alessandra Comandini, together with Team Italy.

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- JAZZERCISE®: leader in the pre-choreographed fitness market for 45 years, Jazzercise offers several lesson formats to suit athletes around the world. Among the many lesson formats, there are Jazzercise® programs: Dance Mixx, Interval Dance Mixx, Fusion and Strike.

DANCE MIXX is the format that allows you to burn calories, destroy fat and sculpt your body through a high intensity training that blends cardiovascular activity, toning and stretching. Exciting music, fun choreographies and innovative exercises will transform your body and give you renewed energy.

INTERVAL is a lesson based on the Interit Training (HiiT) principle, so you can use different energy systems in one lesson. With an alternating resistance training and strength, Interval lessons can improve performance by increasing the aerobic threshold and oxygen consumption in hours after training, making you burn more calories at rest in post-work hours!

FUSION: Workout based on an interval training (Hiit) that blends cardiovascular work and muscle toning, to reload your metabolism and burn calories and fat fast. A complete and effective workout program that can deliver extraordinary results.

STRIKE: High impact training for "toast" people! Punches and kicks that allow you to sweat at the rhythm of full-fledged music! This way you can kick your excess weight and pummel your stress releasing your endorphins... and burn calories!

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Jazzercise the Team Teach Jazzercise, formed by any of its best Instructors.

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- LATIN FITNESS: Program that combines fitness and dance with the Caribbean Salsa and Merengue rhythms, with contaminations of Hip Hop and Reggaeton. Effective, fun and easy to follow, Latin Fitness is heart-warming, invigorating for all body muscles, which can burn many calories and above all... an energetic and motivating experience!

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Latin Fitness the Instructor Marialuisa Scozzafava.

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- OLISTIC WORKOUT® with MYSA Mat: Fitness program born from the union of OLISTIC WORKOUT®, format that blends elements of yoga, pilates, tai chi and functional training, and MYSA Mat, the innovative Swedish spiked Acupressure mat. The program is an alternation of dynamic phases, in which the body is mobilized, stretch and elongate through the spiraling movements of OLISTIC WORKOUT®, and static phases, in which the myofascial system is loosened through the mat agopressure which act on neuronal main highways and myofascial meridians. A program that, in addition to keeping fit, stabilize and mobilize the main musculoskeletal districts and includes stages of meditation and relaxation on the mat, with all the benefits that entails in terms of elimination of muscular tension, stress reduction, decrease in pains in the back and problems related to sleeping difficulties, poor circulation and low energy. The Swedish Spiked Agopressure MYSA Mat is a Csen exclusive.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage to present the program the creator and CSEN National Master Trainer Cristiano Lollo, along with Angelica Lollo and Team Italy.

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- PILATES GYM: Training method inspired by the Joseph Pilates one, which encourages the use of the mind to control muscles, especially postural ones, to keep the body balanced while providing support to the spine. Pilates Gym exercises enable you to gain awareness of the spine's breathing and alignment, strengthening the muscles of the deep trunk, which are very important to help relieve and prevent backache. The key point of the method is the toning and strengthening of the Power House, all the muscles connected to the trunk: the abdomen, the buttocks, the adductors and the lumbar region. The exercises, performed on the Pilates Matwork, are characterized by fluidity, attention to performance, and pairing with proper breathing.

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for Pilates Gym the Instructor Rossella Berardi.

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- SAMBAFIT®: It's the program that blends Samba and Fitness, bringing together the ancient Brazilian dance and the principles of cardio fitness. Fun, engaging, and high impact with regard to calorie consumption and physical efficiency, Sambafit® classes are open to everyone: from fitness enthusiasts for the first time to those who already practice Samba and want a new way to stay in shape. Sambafit®'s fundamental component is music, thanks to the pounding and engaging rhythm that naturally triggers rapid movement of the basin, the belly and the legs. The body is pervaded by a rhythmic shock, which starts from the head and involves every part of the body. The Samba movements are choreographed in sequences of aerobics by training synergistically all muscle groups. Sambafit® enhances cardiovascular capacity and improves muscle strength by boosting the skeletal structure indirectly but... is the fun element of its lessons, with rhythms that can catapult yourself into the magical atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro's carnival Of Sao Paulo! Beware... energy is contagious and creates dependence!

At Rimini Wellness 2017 will take the CSEN Fitness Events Stage for SambaFit the creators of the program Tiago Da Silva Espindola and Eduardo Da Silva.

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For any further information about Csen Fitness Events: - +39 347.3199091

Fb: Csen Fitness Events - Instagram: #csenfitnessevents


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