28 - 31 MAY 2020


Thursday to Sunday Hall A1
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Freddy once again confirms its presence at RiminiWellness.

Following the tremendous success of the past editions, Freddy is back in Rimini with a high-impact sales and exhibition space, covering 1000 m2.

The set-up creates a very welcoming and green ambiance, where you can admire and purchase the items of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection walking on a soft grass flooring that will make you feel submerged in nature. Following the long central corridor, past the stream recreated using the Video Projection Mapping technique, you reach the Active area where a Freddy team, made up of several trainers from all over the world, will offer a wide range of Yoga, Pilates, and Calisthenics classes. For the latter discipline, Jury Chechi himself will be there!

The Olympic medalist, who has always worked closely with the brand, will also be at a second Freddy area entirely dedicated to Calisthenics, where a stage of the Calisthenics Challenge is scheduled to take place. Calisthenics is a workout routine based on a set of exercises with increasing levels of difficulty. This workout allows you to work with every region of your body.


As a brand that has always embraced athleisure and The Art of Movement, Freddy puts fashion at the service of fitness and wellness by creating a unique message which highly represents the world of Yoga: Move Your Mind. A full-fledged invitation to practice this discipline. On the occasion of Rimini Wellness, at the Freddy area you will have the opportunity to explore different disciplines thanks to world-renowned trainers, but also to ‘win’ the participation in two of the most important international Yoga events which in 2019 will be sponsored by Freddy:

            •          Yoga International Day, June 21: event that celebrates the summer solstice and the International Day of Yoga, as declared in 2014 by the United Nations. It will take place in Milan at the Biblioteca degli Alberi, the city’s new green area located in Via de Castillia.

            •          YogaFestival Milan: institutional event gathering the large Italian yoga community, that will take place on October 18 and 20 at the former Ice Palace located in Via G.B. Piranesi 14 in Milan.

At Rimini Wellness, the Freddy and YogaFestival teams will be happy to give you further information and details.


At the Freddy area, besides requesting information on the prestigious Calisthenics Academy of Olympic medalist Jury Chechi (https://jurychechicalisthenics.it/) and signing-up for the special stage of the Calisthenics Challenge specifically organized for Rimini Wellness, Mister Universe Fitness and World Wellness Ambassador Massimo Alparone will introduce you to the Yacht Personal Trainer Academy, a ministerial training course recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee that gives students the technical and behavioral skills necessary to set sail on the largest and most exclusive vessels in the world.

At the end of the course, the ‘Yachting Trainer’, the new role of the nautical sector – trained by excellent teachers who are also leading figures of the Italian fitness world, such as Matteo Stefanini (Olympic Rowing champion), Francesco Chicchi (U23 World Road Race champion), Francesco Panetta (World Athletics champion), Denis Dallan (Rugby World Cup winner) and Olympic medalist Jury Chechi – will receive the official uniform designed by Freddy in its capacity as Official Supplier.


During the four days, for each Freddy item purchased at the expo, you will receive special gifts to help and support you during your workouts throughout your stay at Rimini Wellness. With every purchase you will receive tokens that you can use at the FREDDY catering area to get a free:

  • BOTTLE OF WAMI WATER for your workout

A special bottle of WAMI water: water with a mission.

WAMI is mineral water that flows totally pure from the Sorgente Alcobaleno, located at 1,600 m a.s.l. on the Maritime Alps. It is a very balanced and highly digestible water, with one of the lowest levels of sodium in Italy. A bottle of WAMI water is 100% recyclable, being made with 50% recycled plastic, and, above all, by drinking a bottle of WAMI water, you donate 100 liters of water to those in need.


  • A CUP OF VERGNANO COFFEE to boost your energy

Caffè Vergnano is the oldest Italian coffee roasting company. Led by the Vergnano family since 1882, it has been successfully exporting the culture of the genuine Italian espresso all over the world for more than 130 years. The secret of the superior quality of Caffè Vergnano blends is the meticulous selection of the world’s best coffee roasters. Thanks to a cup of Vergnano coffee, the pleasure of savoring an Italian espresso is not only a tasting experience, but also a sustainable gesture: the capsules of Caffè Vergnano are indeed compostable, meaning that they can be placed in the organic waste bin without separating them from the coffee, thereby reducing non-recyclable waste.


  • ONE SINGLE DOSE OF HONEY PIANAMIELE for your regenerating break

PianaMiele was born from the experience and passion of Apiculture Piana to promote new ways and contexts for honey consumption. A honey no longer tied only to the traditional scenery, as a sweetener or pastry, but also as a secret ingredient in sports integration. For this reason, thanks to its natural properties, honey is the perfect ally for those who practice sport and PianaMiele promotes a healthy and dynamic lifestyle, also through the new practical PianaMiele Energia da Bere format that you can try exclusively at the Freddy stand - JCC.



But RiminiWellness is also full of emotions and this year too, the Freddy area will host very special guests. We look forward to seeing you!



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