28 - 31 MAY 2020
Ancient Brazilian dance and cardio-fitness principles

Sambafit® by EDS Fitness Performer

Thursday to Sunday
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BELIVE IN YOUR DREAM ... discover the brand of a new functional program at the rhythm of music !!

ABOUT THE FOUNDER EDUARDO DA SILVA: born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, choreographer dancer, tout court musician and professional percussionist, after spending his childhood in the music, colors and rhythms of Brazil, he arrived in New York at age of eighteen years. Here he perfects himself as a jazz dancer, house dance, hip hop and latin music, having the opportunity to tread the stages of the most important Broadway theaters, dancing samba in the most prestigious Brazilian and international dance companies, attending the most professional academies and dance studios of the city and above all acquiring the rhythms, the music and the techniques that characterize the New York urban style. Parallel to the dance he has always had passion and dedication for other disciplines: State karate champion in Brazil and New York, capoeira teacher and practitioner, with an eye always turned to the world of fitness, functional and crossfit trainer. Founder of the SAMBAFIT discipline in 2009. Twenty years of experience in the dance world as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher and the experience gained in the field of fitness that have made him a functional coach and crossfit trainer, combined with dedication and a sense of discipline drawn from the martial arts and the art of capoeira, culminating in 2017 in an original, avant-garde project in perfect harmony with the most current trends: THE EDS FITNESS PERFORMER.

ABOUT THE EDS ASD: founded in 2017, the Eduardo Da Silva Fitness Performer association was born with the ambitious project of carrying out an original program and characterized by particular attention in the training of our instructors ... because your success is our GUARANTEE !!

The association currently manages the training for three different programs, such as SAMBAFIT by EDS, EDSFP and SAMBAKIDS for the little ones. 

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: THE EDS FITNESS PERFORMER is the perfect combination of passion for dance and dedications for cardio and functional training. The ambitious project is to train 360 ° trainers, highly professional and prepared instructors, able to combine fitness with performance, to drag the audience with charisma and empathy into a real special class. All this without ever stopping to study and update, following the demands of the market and the public, forming a unitary team in large group exhibitions and paying particular attention to group dynamics. Our brand new program includes the study of choreographies prepared directly by our founder, based on Brazilian music, attentive to the latest international trends, which allow to combine in a single lesson the best of cardio fitness with technical and selected steps of the dance, mixed with execution of functional sequences. Our lessons are designed and targeted to give maximum performance in the GAG area which, with the choreographic involvement of the upper limbs, are extremely complete and training for all the large muscle chains.


 Our goal is to guarantee and create a team of highly qualified professionals, in continuous training and constant updating, and to do this there are few but fundamental steps to follow:

 1. subscribe to our association through the appropriate forms that you will find on the website www.edsfitnessperformer.com.

 2. choose the program most in line with your wishes from the courses offered by our training center:

A. SAMBAFIT BY EDS: for those who want to bring a note of fun and passion for dancing in their lessons;

B. (NEWS 2019) EDSFP: for those who want to mix functional training with cardio;

C. (NEWS 2019) SAMBAKIDS: for the instructor who wants to pass on the passion for dance to children aged between 4 and 12 years.

3. sign up for our live training days closest to you to get the Instructor diploma, with CONI certification, which will allow you to teach in every national and international gym.

Or choose to participate in comfort at one of our INTERACTIVE training days (NEWS 2019), provided by our calendar, and you can feel closer to our teachers from home through the use of a simple internet connection.

4. participate in our updates, every two months new choreographies and new steps will be studied from time to time, for you, to keep you constantly in line with current trends and to better structure your lessons.

 5. never stop studying and participate in our workshops, special classes, master classes, study days, events and events not only to achieve the number of credits required by our internal regulations, but aimed at enriching our professional background and indispensable to grow together and create a true unitary and synchronized team in performances; moreover this year the study activity is also guaranteed to those who are far from our main offices through an interactive participation. (NOVITA'2019).

use our technical clothing designed and recommended specifically for you that, in addition to giving a unified image of the team, will give you a highly professional and unique look in its style;

never stop thinking that we are working to give well-being and that in addition to professionalism and your personal training, positiveness, dynamism, pro-activity, and above all a lot of empathy are absolutely required ... therefore

Wear your smile, be the best part of you, be the most beautiful part of you ... and let a new era of fitness begin ...


NEW 2019

EDSFP PROGRAM: the brand new functional training program, which includes a choreographic lesson based on international music, characterized by functional sequences studied and inserted in a harmonious way within the choreography itself.

SAMBAKIDS: a program designed and studied for the little ones, which allows them to be introduced to the world of dance but above all to the awareness and knowledge of one's own body.

INTERACTIVE / ON-LINE TRAINING COURSES: designed to reduce time and distance with those who wish to join the team; a simple and practical way to optimize and organize the training that best suits your needs.

INTERACTIVE LESSONS (ADDRESSED TO INSTRUCTORS AND NOT): a simple and effective way to keep constantly updated. Fundamental objective for our instructors is the constant study, that of the interactive lessons is the most effective solution for those who are far from our main offices, the lesson will be carried out directly by our founder and choreographer EDUARDO DA SILVA and the feeling that you will have through the most modern technologies will be to be in the classroom. This is also new to students and to a public that wants to attend the lesson from home or anywhere else in the world.


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