FROM 31st MAY TO 3rd JUNE 2018
Ancient Brazilian dance and cardio-fitness principles


Thursday to Sunday Hall C5
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This program combines Samba and Fitness, combining ancient Brazilian dance and cardio-fitness principles. Fun, engaging, and high impact with regard to calorie consumption and physical efficiency, Sambafit® classes are open to everyone: from fitness enthusiasts for the first time to those who already practice Samba and want a new way to stay in shape. Sambafit®'s fundamental component is music, thanks to the pounding and engaging rhythm that naturally triggers rapid movement of the pelvis, belly and legs. The body is pervaded by a rhythmic shock, which starts from the head and involves every part of the body. The Samba movements are choreographed in sequences of aerobics by training synergistically all muscle groups. Sambafit® enhances cardiovascular capacity and improves muscle strength by boosting the skeletal structure indirectly but ... is the fun the first element of its lessons, with rhythms that can catapult yourself into the magical atmosphere of Rio De Janeiro   and Sao Paulo Carnival! Beware ... energy is contagious and is addictive! On the CSEN stage at Rimini Wellness 2017 Sambafit® lessons will be presented by the creators of the program Tiago Da Silva Espindola and Eduardo Da Silva.


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