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Xenios USA® Workout Area

Thursday to Sunday
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-What type of training can you try in the Xenios USA® Workout Area

A program of strength and conditioning that is based on 3 fundamental principles: “functional movements that are constantly varied at a high intensity”; a balanced mix between different types of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that help people obtain a complete physical and general wellbeing. 

-What you can find in the Xenios USA® Workout Area:

A 500 m2 workout area, completely equipped with Xenios USA® equipment. This area will be available to everyone who wants to take part in the many TRAINING CLASSES held every day lead by the best Italian L1 CrossFit® Trainers. Furthermore, for experienced athletes, they will be able to use the equipment available to take part in an OPEN BOX session, always under the supervision of a Trainer. 

Every day there will be SEVEN, 45-minute TRAINING CLASSES, completely free of charge, where you will have the possibility to workout with WODs studied for you by L1 CrossFit® Trainers that are ready to assist you in every phase of training starting from the initial warm-up. 

Every day you will find a new and different WOD to try to challenge yourself and your friends!

If you happen to be dreaming of becoming a Box Owner yourself or to create a Functional Fitness area in your gym, come chat with our Xenios USA® Italian Sales Team so we can offer you every solution you’re looking for. 

We can’t wait to meet you!