Not only the best Fitness equipment!

Xenios USA®

The difference is not just in the top-quality products.

At the Rimini Wellness 2019 Expo, Xenios USA® will present two different workout methods that will enable those in the Fitness world to satisfy the ever-growing demands of their clients. Two philosophies going head-to-head, each with a different goal but joined together by quality, competence and efficiency.

At the Xenios USA® stand, there will be two training areas dedicated to the public present at Rimini Wellness; you can sign up directly to the numerous workout classes in program for the most “functional fitness” weekend of the year!

Next to the can’t-miss Workout Area, where you can work-out with the best L1 CrossFit® Italian Trainers, there will be a Functional Area dedicated to functional-based workouts in collaboration with the team of Trainers TriFit® - the brand that paved the way for a new way to exercise, guiding clients towards their goals and doing business in fitness.

This year Xenios USA® celebrates its 10-year anniversary and the over 1.200 Boxes and Gyms supplied by its equipment. The partnership with TriFit® aims to bring years of extensive experience regarding equipment, project design, and workout centre outfitting into the Functional Fitness market that involves gyms and personal training centres.

Don’t miss out: when you’ve recovered from your workout, you can chill out at the Shopping Area, where you’ll have the possibility to purchase the latest products from the Xenios USA® GEAR & APPAREL catalogue.

If you happen to be dreaming of becoming a Box Owner yourself or to create a Functional Fitness area in your gym, the Xenios USA® Showroom Area is waiting for you; come chat with our Xenios USA® Italian Sales Team so we can offer you every solution you’re looking for.

We can’t wait to meet you!