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Equipment and training courses for the Pilates method

World Pilates®

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World Pilates® was born as a state-of-the-art gym dedicated to fitness and wellness; it is a very dynamic company where innovation and updating are continuous and constant.

The World Pilates® team has been providing equipment and training courses for the Pilates method to professionals and individuals for more than ten years.

Innovation and updating are the characteristic of our products and the fundamental principle on which the company is founded is to provide a service that leads the customer to be successful, with the help of our thirty years of experience.

To do this, World Pilates® has created three lines of professional equipment, completely made in Italy and built with refined materials, such as stainless steel, beech lamellar and fire-retardant eco-leather.

The production takes place completely in our factories, thus allowing to contain production costs and to customize products, to which it applies a lifetime warranty on production defects.

Before being sold, every tool is assembled, tested and only after a series of tests is packed, ready to be delivered to the recipient.

We also have more than one exclusive product, covered by the patent.

For several years now, World Pilates® has been known not only in Italy but also abroad, where it supplies both equipment and training courses for World Pilates® teachers.

In addition to offering a training and sales service, the company provides a complete consultancy service in which the client assists in the creation, supply and management of a pilates study, starting from scratch.