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We played on the sound of the term. Ree how to re-propose, bring to light, reinvent a program that in the 90's has been famous in the fitness world of that era. The Cityjam was a real world phenomenon so as to involve a company like Reebok that espouse the disclosure by creating a shoe dedicate to it.

Who are the creators? Laura Cristina and Ivan Robustelli, international presenters, teachers and consultants of the sector, event organizers, Testimonial Reebok and for over 25 years successful protagonists of the Italian fitness scenario .

Objective of the format?

For courses and historical recourses , the goal is to bring back the joy of "moving" to the rhythm of hip hop of those years with today's educational standards: a jump into the past with a look focused on the present. It is not a pre-written program, we don't want to encode a format imposing a choreographic line, but we are convinced that we offer the tools to create a lesson that is always different, simple and motivating, where music reigns supreme, is a winning weapon. It's not a dance lesson, hope hop in its essence is a culture e must be studied in schools, but so much loved 90' s cardio funk , today can make the difference." Feel the groove" is the motto we have chosen for Reejam! 

Why now?

After seeing, living and contributing to the music fitness market of the last 30 years, we are convinced that this was the right time to offer a program that had as its basis the simplicity of the execution, the desire to  "dance" using a musical groove with a very strong emotional impact and the sensation of doing a very interesting cardio-coordinate work. Rimini wellness 2017 was the confirmation that we were on the right path: a smiling multitude that participated in the lessons every day for 4 days with a contagious enthusiasm...

...and here is that our idea is not any more "OUR" , on the social we can start to see the first lessons included in the schedules, the first master classes, the first events. Here are the future Reejammer: ambassadors of the groove!

Come and visit us in the area Sponsored by POWERADE Pavilion C4!