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An awesome stage enhanced by so many sporting disciplines

MAF Area Fitness&Workout

Thursday to Sunday Pool Est
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Maf, organization that deals with vocational training, will participate at RiminiWellness 2018 this year too. We’ll coordinate an awesome stage enhanced by so many sporting disciplines. 
Our stage will be in outdoor pool area. Our master trainers will alternate with high level masterclasses. Our planning will be made up of 18 masterclasses a day during 30 min.

Our training activities: Functional Training, Lambaerobica, Fit Boxing, Jumple by Aerower, Freestyler.


Competence and knowledge  for a discipline that unify martial arts technique (kick boxing, boxe, muay thai, etc.) with music and fitness. This year too, Fit Boxing Master Fit will be at Rimini Wellness 2018.


Functional Training is a global workout. It works on axis and plane of the body, training strength in its different aspects (speed-strength, speed-resistant, peak force, explosive power).

Functional Training workout is considered highly preventive, it submits the body always looking stability, balance and coordination. Core streightening is the basis of the functional workout.

It’s a workout method that used very important concepts, like as proprioception, trough the activation of many deep muscles in order to maintain positions during exercises execution.

The activation of this muscles increase the potential of a specific phisique, motor and athletic attitude.


It’s a training program borned by a professionals decades-long work experience that deals with fitness world and rebound shoe.

This funny training program makes you live an experience that will allow you to train correctly and in safety with your rebound shoe, based on the participant experience, by applying the difference between rebound technique and the propulsion and training session intensity. The participant can train correctly reaching high professional level.

Jumple by Aerower is a training program studied for professional in fitness world.


Is a toning system that combines a training device and an extensive spectrum of workout programs & support.

It works the whole body at once ... as oppose to products or exercises who work only one muscle group producing imbalance in body and creating potential for injuries. Freestyler on the other hand provides simultaneous attachment of the tubes to all four limbs at the same time, so your body is under safe & efficient elastic resistance throughout the workout (on the Freestyler every move counts). This facilitates better efficiency and a workout which gives you a good looking body (lean tone muscles, no bulk) and at the same time a functional body (injury prevention, improvement in sport activities since it promotes whole body coordination with amazing "core" training).


Lambaerobica is a Brazilian dance-fitness program with animated choreographies, using a different type of rhythms like as Axé, Pagode Baiano, Arrocha, Forro, Sertanejo, Funk Carioca, ecc.

Lambaerobica is intended to infuse joy, brightness and relaxing, it’s a good way to eliminate sadness and to release all negative energy. During a Lambaerobica lesson you can lose 500-950 calories, you can strengthen your hips, waist and legs, reducing cholesterol.

There’s no need to know how to dance, you can just follow your heart and your trainer. Every lesson last from 45 min. to 1h. Lambaerobica is the only dance-fitness program 100% Brazilian.