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In an era where time is money and less is more, Revoring® is indispensable in all the modern fitness and sports centers.
One single tool that allows:

INFINITE FUNCTIONS: Effective for both suspension and functional training, suitable for physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises, Revoring is not only the elastic band that replaces all the others: it is a real training system, innovative and safe.
Revoring® is a chain of fourteen elastic rings covered with strong cordura, available in three different levels of resistance- Lite, Medium and Strong – which are color-coded . Thanks to its multiple handles and variable hooks, you will perform countless exercises benefiting from multiple intensities, all with a single tool.

INFINITE LOCATION: Revoring® is easily transportable and usable indoor and outdoor. Just hook it to the ceiling, to the ground, or to any other anchorage point and you will be able to enjoy different heights and carry out dynamic and fun workouts, performing facilitating or contrasting exercises, based on the elastic traction.

INFINITE USERS: Revoring is for everyone. Intuitive and versatile, it allows you to create exercises suitable for any fitness level and age. It can be used in the heavy weight area, during your functional training or in rehabilitation. It can be proposed for personal sessions, mini class or for work groups.

With Revoring, basing an entire workout on just one tool is possible. The fourteen types of grip (hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, foot, ankle, knee, thigh, etc. ..) and the multiple anchoring heights allow you to perform exercises that stimulate all the kinetic chains, separately or simultaneously, for a workout that is complete and suitable for everyone's needs. And after the training session, all you have to do is put away one tool.

PARTICIPATE IN THE TRAINING COURSES: the Revoring® Academy organizes training courses throughout Italy. During the course, structured in a first scientific part and in a second practical one, the participants test by themselves the quality and the innovation of Revoring®, performing all the exercises codified within the manual and learning the training routines Revoring®, available from the day after to all the customers of their fitness center.
By taking part in the Revoring Academy’s training course, you will be provided with the scientific manual of the course, containing a hundred exercises divided by type of grip and muscle groups but, if your thirst for Revoring will not be still appeased, you can just:

  • • Visit the YOUTUBE Revoring® Channel
  • • Download the Quick Start Manual for free from the website


TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT REVORING®: Write an email to or call the
+39 0547.313288. Revoring is ready for delivery! You will receive it within a week from your order’s confirmation.