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A new fitness activity performed on the trampoline


Thursday to Sunday Hall A5
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CrushStyle is a new fitness activity performed on the trampoline. The work performed on the mini trampoline is different from any other activity that can be performed in the gym, as it develops on an elastic surface; in fact, bouncing, forces are created to act on our body.

These forces are formed by pushing on the trampoline, with the help of springs and gravity! In practice, we accelerate and decelerate continuously on the vertical plane, and this allows us to maintain balance while working on an unstable plane.

CRUSH STYLE presents itself as one of the most effective fitness disciplines for adults and children, for the top athlete and for the beginner, at the same time fun.

The work on the trampoline is not the same as any work out on a stationary plane, as it is the only operating force that exploits gravity, acceleration and deceleration on the vertical plane in order to obtain health benefits.

All these benefits obviously depend on the pushing technique and the intensity with which it is pushed on the trampoline. They also depend on the type of trampoline, the training method, etc ...

CRUSH STYLE is therefore a high intensity but low impact fitness activity.