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Destined to those that do not settle for less when they train


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RackUp is a company that specializes in design, development and sale of calisthenics, pole dance, bodyweight and general fitness equipment.

RackUp products, some of which are under patent, are characterized by innovative fastening and inner components movement systems, with a high technological value.

Each rackUp product is a complete instrument, tested and totally safe. All of them are marked by three key elements for safety : CE marking, Use and Maintenance handbook, and Structural Analysis sworn to by a qualified technician.

The rackUp foundations are rock-solid: a double professionalism, creative and technical, defined by nature and experience of its two founding members, a mechanical engineer and an architect-designer. This entails that every product, born of a functional need and an innovative idea, is designed, created, tested, improved, built to grant an absolute level of performance and safety, a strong practical side and character.


The 2018 novelty is the Pole Dance line commercially identified by the trademark PoleUP, that offers poles equipped with patented rackUp systems for the transitioning between Spin and Static modes and also a Spinning speed regulation device. This line also has a large selection of possible configurations: PoleUP is differentiated by several installation variants (dowel-fastening and / or pressure fastening) and by specifications (PoleUp is available with two exhibition footboard models).

We picked up on the needs of a product: the difficulty of the students when approaching the spin and governing its speed, the lack of a sure grip, the transitions between Spin and Static not always on the safe side, the need of assistance with the installation of the pole at home or when setting up the dance room in the schools.

All of this sparked in us the will to experiment again and put our professional skills in the service of our passions.’

PoleUp immediately found great appreciation and enthusiasm from technical coaches, athletes and amateurs. National and international famous champions tested and approved PoleUp with great satisfaction. They will take part in PoleUp official presentation inside at Rimini Wellness Exhibition, with a planned series of demonstration lessons, workshop and performances. Certainly in rackUp’s area, specially equipped for pole dance, PAVILION D5 – STAND 121.

Since 1st May 2018, You can see more detail planned events on rackUp’s web site:

Naming a few, there will be famous athletes and performers like Bianca Breschi, 2016/2017 1° Italian Pole Sport Champion and 2° World Pole Sport Champion, Alessandra Marchetti, 2013 Pole Sport World Champion, Claudia Dipilato, Moris Ciccone, Alessio Bucci, 2017 Italian and European Pole Sport Champion, Marko Daza, Gabriele Gherpelli 2016 IPDC Champion, Francesca Cavazzoli and Giulia Pattarozzi, 2018 IPDC Pole Double Champions.

RackUp is POSA Italian federation official technical sponsor (Pole Sports & Arts World Federation). Davide Lacagnina, president of the POSA Italia Federation, will also be a guest at RackUp stand.

PoleUp will be the protagonist at the rackUp’s stand at Rimini Wellness Exhibition.Together with the pole dance line come along the Rack series for bodyweight training, in the  ‘rackUp Home and Office’ (official product launch at Rimini Wellness Exhibition), ‘rackUp Pro’ and ‘rackUp Evolution’ variants, in order to accommodate the most diverse of space, time and training needs.

The RackUP structures are born for disciplines such as calisthenics, parkour and street workout, but their versatility makes them perfect also for fitness and stretching exercise, for functional training and for crossfit. 

RackUp is destined to those that do not settle for less when they train.