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The story of MaxForce started when a scientific investigator asked us to create a device that children with degenerative diseases could train in a fun way but at the same time intensive enough to maintain the important muscle mass imperative for their health. He believed if we could do this we could improve the quality of lives and also this could be applied to older patients who by sedentary lifestyles and on age related muscle loss (sarcopenea) lose mobility and independence.

We had a big challenge that we completed the end of 2017, with the added benefit that it is loved by fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, conditioning coaches that work with people of all ages and fitness level.

The extraordinary repose to the MaxForce device led to us deciding to donate devices to children's hospitals a dedicate a portion of each sale (to help people in real need) to the organization doctors without borders. There has been tremendous response to our product leading us in 2018, first year as sellers, to distribute it in 27 countries all over the world.


The recently patented myoFX MaxForce® device is already creating attention in the media, scientific and health communities. The ideal tool for improving and expanding the business of fitness and health professional it provides a test for health evaluation, the first interactive full body workout with guarantee of results using games for training motivation and a specialized software to document training progress in real time in the studio or online.


The MyoFX EMS System® technology, which was previously reserved for elite athletes and the rehabilitation/physiotherapy field, now comes to the rest of the population in order to be able to achieve visible results quickly and easily. It is an innovative advance of conventional electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) applied in a [bio] suit, which makes it a practical and functional system; it is the most advanced technology that exists today to achieve results in fat burning, muscle toning, decreasing volume, improving athletic performance, etc. in a short time and with just a few sessions.

A technology with applications in sports centres, personal training, aesthetic and physiotherapy centres.

BODYTEC dammi venti minuti®

A company made of people and passion that deal with high-level sports performance, fitness and motoring consultancy for more than twenty years combined with a great experience in haute couture, design and management of important franchises and retail.

The combination of these skills, has led us to create a concept of great effectiveness and solidity, which thanks to the quality and professionalism guaranteed by the EMS Training Academy, it keeps us perfectly aligned with the competence and development of the original German source of this innovative training system with which we are in direct continuous relationship.