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The rhythm in the blood!

Reggaeton Fitness

Thursday to Sunday Hall A5-C5
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From the poorest suburbs of Buenos Aires to the gyms all over Italy, always feeling the rhythm in the blood and willing to spread smiles for those who want to have fun, make new friends and keep in shape to the beat of music.

This is what comes to mind when we talk about Miguel Benitez, born Argentinian but from Macerata by adoption, and his Reggaeton Fitness.

Engaging as only Latin dances can be, this discipline, created by Miguel in the early 2000, joins the sensuality of bachata and salsa to the energy of reggaetón rhythms, through simple choreographies that are perfect both for couples and for those who want to get down with the rhythm either alone or in group.

Reggaeton Fitness is practised by almost 100 gyms in Italy, it continues to get buy in and to fill the rooms where the courses are held. Nothing to say: it is just and excellent answer to everyday life’s stress and for those who are looking for a solution for a cardiovascular training that is effective and never boring!

This format, coming back to RiminiWellness this year as well, has its undisputed strong point in simplicity. The choreographies, all made up on songs mixed in 32 counts, are really suitable for everyone. It is not necessary to be able to dance like the professionals to be carried away with the energy of syncopated movements, sensual moves and basic steps of a special dance like reggaeton.

If you want to find out all this yourself just pop in at the Skechers’ area, where Miguel and his Power Team will be waiting for making you live some moments of pure happiness at the rhythm of Reggaeton Fitness.