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Over the last ten years we have created something we can look back on with pride. Our firm conviction that we can establish a completely new market with the EMS training method is pushing us tirelessly. As a market leader, partner and pace setter, we offer every commercial provider of EMS training a comprehensive service package that will help them be successful and position themselves in the future ‘EMS’ market. 


When we founded our company in 2007, EMS training was still largely unknown. From the very beginning, we worked with our clients to develop the market with our heart and soul, and have continuously adapted ourselves and our products to meet the growing requirements. Our experience and know-how are the basis for the dynamic growth in the global market.


As a partner to our clients, we stand for quality, short response times and constant availability of all components. We set standards in terms of service and support, know the demands of our commercial clients and therefore see ourselves as service providers.


Our close cooperation with experts from the fields of science and research as well as leading training institutes and associations is creating the basis for the secure and sustainable establishment of EMS training as a recognised and future-oriented training method. This is the key foundation for the positive development of all professional EMS business models.


Starting with Germany, we want to establish EMS Personal Training globally as a recognised, trend-setting form of exercise and therapy across the world. With this project we will help many people make a permanent and holistic behaviour change - towards a more active lifestyle. Sustainable business models are the foundation on which we, together with our customers and partners, would like to establish a new market segment within the global fitness and healthcare industry.


As a partner to our customers, we represent reliable, innovative, safe products specially designed for continuous commercial operation. We set new standards in terms of service and support. As a market leader, we consider it our task to establish an environment for positive, reliable development of all professional EMS business models and to make them sustainable. Our thoughts and actions are focused on the economic success of our customers, and we ensure the personal success of each individual client, as this represents the most important foundation for the dynamic development of EMS training.


We want to have fun with what we do and work respectfully and honestly with customers, our partners, our employees and our suppliers. We comply with the safety-first of science directives for safe EMS training and require our customers and partners to comply with them as well. As a provider of EMS training, we do not compete with our customers directly or indirectly. We are financially independent, allowing us to put our values ahead of economic interests.