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Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena

Dolomiti Natural Wellness

Thursday to Sunday Hall D1
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Moving, breathing, feeling, meditating in Nature…

The Natural Wellness, in Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena, is a new way of well-being completely eco-sustainable that enhances the value of the natural elements as a well-being source for the body, the mind, the spirit through specific multi-sensorial itineraries. A holiday marked by the Natural Wellness is a holiday that combines movement, environmental sustainability and a balanced diet for a better quality of life.

The elements of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness

- Bare Feet Trail: barefoot proprioceptive walk on barks, pine cones, soft mosses, leaves, grass,

stones, for a full contact with the “Mother Earth”.

- Natural Kneipp: barefoot walk in safe points of the mountain rivers: the cool water reduces inflammations and congestions, strengthens the psychophysical balance and the immune system, relaxes and reduces the stress, stimulates the vital force.

- The Silence Room: a place of absolute quietness where staying in silence for breathing, admiring the wonders of nature, meditating or simply moving away from the daily life.

- The Tree Hugging: the trees are called “the erect people”: the tree hugging or just staying near a tree improves the concentration, the reaction times, the depression and the headache.

- The Natural Walking is a barefoot route along a flat ground with a constant walking and a regular heart rate for a good metabolism.

Find out your Dolomiti Natural Wellness hotel, among the hotels selected by us, on Here you’ll find specific well-being menu: breakfast, packet lunch, snack and dinner according to the philosophy of  the Dolomiti Natural Wellness.

The itineraries of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness

There are 9 itineraries where trying all the elements of the Natural Wellness or to do specific activities as yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, crystal therapy, with an expert or alone thanks to the specific didactic panels placed in some points of the itineraries.

1. Pineta Dolomti Natural Wellness (Pinzolo) – meeting point for the different activities and info point with the map of the itineraries

2. Castagneto Dolomiti Natural Wellness (Carisolo-Val Genova)

3. Family Dolomiti Natural Wellness (Pineta Pinzolo-Piana di Caderzone-Caderzone Terme)

4. Dolomiti Natural Walking (Pineta Pinzolo-Caderzone Terme)

5. Acqua Dolomiti Natura Wellness (Val Nambrone)

6. Vallesinella Dolomiti Natural Wellness (Madonna di Campiglio-Vallesinella)

7. Brenta Dolomiti Natural Wellness (S. Antonio di Mavignola-Val Brenta)

8. Nambino Dolomiti Natural Wellness (Madonna di Campiglio-Piana di Nambino)

9. Doss Dolomiti Natural Wellness (Pinzolo-Prà Rodont)

During summer 2018, a weekly schedule of free activities with a “wellbeing trainer” will be organized for all the 9 itineraries, besides of some special events.