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Cross Cardio

Thursday to Sunday Hall C5
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Why Cross Cardio? Because the cardiovascular and functional aspect come together in an inseparable binomial, bringing fitness to a greater and further evolution.

The development of force starts from the center towards the periphery, it is metabolic change that leads to tangible physiological results on the individual.

Cross Cardio was born in Rimini Wellness in 2015 and immediately became history. The creator JAIRO JUNIOR, Physiotherapist as well as Personal Trainer and Presenter Internazionale, focuses on teaching and on the technique of the basic exercises, however, proposed in a different way, personalizing the training and adapting the intensity according to the level of the students .

The calisthenic exercises with musical rhythm characterize the first part of the lesson (cardio), then follows the second part inspired by weight lifting exercises, gymnastics and metabolic.

Cross Cardio is practiced successfully, as well as throughout Italy, also in Brazil, Ireland, Belgiun , Ingland, Poland ,Switzerland, Norway and German. New borders coming soon in the current year.

A simple, effective and suitable workout method for everyone!